Droplet Transfer Limits

Posted January 19, 2018 9.9k views
BillingUbuntu 16.04

My droplet comes with a 2TB transfer limit.

1) Where can I track my droplet’s current transfer use for the billing cycle?

2) Are we charged overages if we exceed this limit?

I have seen a few posts here in the forum, but it seems unclear whether or not the limits are currently in effect.

Any clear answer would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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1 answer

Set up vnstat. The network connection to monitor varies from distribution to distribution. Note that 2T is a lot of data.

If you really think you are going to get close to the limit, I would suggest looking for a procedure to send an email at say 1.5T. But installing vnstat is the first step.

  • Thanks for the advice.

    Just to clarify, for my question #1, you are saying that there is a way to track but not by default graphs in the DO dashboard?

    What about #2? Do we get billed for overages?

    Thanks again.

    • For number two, I have no idea if transfer limits are being enforced.
      The only data you are charged for (if they actually charge) is external, and vnstat should log it. It logs incoming and outgoing.

      I took a look at my droplet data and found no way to see monthly usage from the digital ocean website as per the other answer. However 2T is a lot of data. I’ve never done more that 100G in a month, so this really isn’t on my radar. What I do is look at vnstat and see if some scraper got past my controls. If you don’t take some action against aggressive search engines and scrapers, I suppose you might hit a limit. Any datacenter I catch hacking gets banned in my firewall. Bots will increase your data transfer, and bots have no eyeballs. Everyone wants to be the next google. and they will pound your server if you don’t use countermeasures. Blocking the bots improves the performance of those you want to server with data.

      My gut feeling is they aren’t charging since I see no way to check my usage from the DO website. You can’t even set alerts on data transfer.

      I couldn’t find the post, but there was a hack to use vnstat to shut down your VPS should it get near the limit. This would be that hard to write. Once you install vnstat, check the online manual for the “–oneline” option. That produces an output easy to parse.