How do you update a one-click Dokku droplet on Ubuntu 16.04?

January 18, 2017 2.1k views
Dokku Ubuntu 16.04

Someone asked this previously for Debian but those instructions don't seem transferrable.

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jtittle1 January 18, 2017
Accepted Answer


The above link details how to go about upgrading to a newer release. Before upgrading, however, I would advise creating a snapshot from within the DigitalOcean control panel or manually backing up any files, configuration, or data that may be critical to your existing setup.

The Accepted Answer is only half the answer. The problem I found with the one-click Dokku droplet for Ubuntu 16.04 is that the the source URL for Dokku in the dokku.list isn't correct and therefor wasn't getting the newest versions of Dokku, herokuish, sshcommand and plugn.

To fix this:

  1. ssh into your droplet
  2. Edit the dokku.list sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dokku.list
  3. Change xenial to trusty and save

dokku.list should look like this:
deb trusty main

Once done, follow the recommend updating from Dokku:

sudo apt-get update
dokku apps
dokku ps:stop APP # repeat to shut down each running app
sudo apt-get install -qq -y dokku herokuish sshcommand plugn
dokku ps:rebuildall # rebuilds all applications
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