Dokku is a Platform as a Service solution that enables users to deploy and configure an application to a production environment on a separate server. It uses Docker, a Linux container system, to manage its deployments, and allows users to deploy to a remote server.

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      Linking external managed database to dokku app

      Hi, I have been trying for some time now to use to link my app running on a vps to an external managed database. I can create local database containers and link to those no prob...
      1 answer5 months agoBy daveamDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseDokkuPostgreSQL
    • Question

      How to Deploy React to Dokku Droplet

      Hi There,I am struggling to have a React Application deployed to dokku Tried to follow some tutorials but still could not make it work. Any suggestion ? Best Regards
      1 answer7 months agoBy WilliamRailsDokkuReactDeployment
    • Question

      Unable to deploy with dokku due to GLIBC version not found

      From following the example , on step 4, deploy tag I get the following error: =====> api web container output: internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1144 return process.dlopen(module, path.toNamespacedPath(filename)); ^ Erro...
      No answers yet7 months agoBy runescapeDokkuNode.js
    • Question

      Another Permission Denied (Public Key) error

      I am on the process of cloning the ghost open blog cms, theres an option to run a vps through digital ocean. Choosing this method the droplet is created. Next step is to login as root@XXXXX While doing so I got the dr...
      1 answer1 year agoBy paolotrulliUbuntuDokku
    • Question

      Second App in same Dokku Not Working

      Hi There,I have followed tutorials to deploy a SECOND Node application in the same DOKKU Droplet The Deploy has been successful and domains are setup But even stoping the first application … the SECOND ONE do not repl...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy WilliamRailsDokkuNginxNode.js
    • Question

      Use docker-compose to push application in Dokku in Digital Ocean

      I have a dockerized flask application with 2 services inside docker-compose. How can I use docker-compose to push my application inside of Dokku on Digital Ocean? version: "3.9" services: web: build: . container_name:...
      1 answer1 year agoBy srivastavaanan05DokkuDockerFlaskPythonDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceDigitalOceanDigitalOcean Droplets
    • Question

      Can't SSH to Dokku

      I set up a Dokku droplet using 1-Click. Both during the droplet creation stage and on the Dokku setup page, I set my SSH public key, but whenever I try and SSH I get Permission denied (publickey). I’ve tried connectin...
      Accepted Answer: It turned out that I was using an old, dedprecated algorithm (ssh-rsa) for my SSH key. After generating an ED25519 key and replacing the old one using the Dokku ssh-keys command, it finally works.
      3 answers1 year agoBy sjmDokku
    • Question

      Can I have multiple containers in a dokku Droplet ?

      Hi Experts, I have been using DOKKU droplet to deploy an really tiny application. Now I would like to deploy another applications in another container … Can I do that ? Or is DOKKU droplet dedicated to run only one co...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy WilliamRailsDokkuDocker
    • Question

      Unable to access app deployed on Dokku in a droplet

      I’ve deployed an app on Dokku using DigitalOcean’s droplet, but unfortunately I’m unable to access, I cannot make any requests to my app from outiside the dokku. Here is the app’s server logs, the app server is runnin...
      1 answer1 year agoBy coderxDokkuDigitalOcean DropletsDeploymentDocker
    • Question

      How to Link Dokku App to Managed Database

      I have a small problem here. I have an app setup on Dokku vps, works well with the Dokku Postgress plugin. But I want to switch things up and use the digitalOcean managed Database(Postgress)Since changing the database...
      1 answer1 year agoBy mo6ibePostgreSQLDokkuDockerDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
    • Question

      Best way to have multiple instances of application running concurrently?

      Currently, I’m using a single droplet (Ubuntu Dokku 0.17.9 on 18.04, 3GB Memory, 50GB Disk), which contains 1 instance of my application, plus an old staging site, each on 1 Docker container each. We have a CI/CD pipe...
      1 answer2 years agoBy kimLobsterLoad BalancingDokkuContainerCI/CDDigitalOceanNginx
    • Question

      Why does my Dokku Droplet still show the Dokku Icon even after setting things up?

      I have successfully setup my dokku droplet and added my SSH key etc. The application is up and running very well. I’m just curious as to why the dokku icon is still showing on the dashboard or my droplet.
      Accepted Answer: Hi there @ChellGouda , Yes, this is the normal behavior, it just indicates that the Droplet was created based on an image from the DigitalOcean Marketplace. There is no way to manually remove the icon but it should au...
      1 answer2 years agoBy ChellGoudaDokku
    • Question

      Issue with Ports deploying to Dokku Droplet

      Hi There I am a really novice using dokku and follow this tutorial : But even the basic steps did not work to reach my simple HELLO WORLD applic...
      No answers yet2 years agoBy WilliamRailsNode.jsDokkuFirewall
    • Question

      App is not deployed after “git push dokku master”.

      I’m trying to deploy an app with Dokku on Digital Ocean. I made some changes locally and push to GitHub succesfully. I see changes on GitHub. After that, I’m trying deploy app with “git push dokku master” and everythi...
      2 answers2 years agoBy mervecseDokku
    • Question

      Issue with Dokku and DigitalOcean domain names and subdomains

      Hey, so I’m having an issue using Dokku and DigitalOcean. I changed all the DNS and successfully deployed my app to a subdomain, but for some reason the domain name doesn’t work and when i go to my VPS IP it shows the...
      1 answer2 years agoBy NeziaDokkuDNS
    • Question

      Dokku app cannot access via domain

      I bought this domain from Namecheap and I move it to Digitalocean DNS After that I pointed the domain to my droplet (dokku droplet ) Then I accessed my dokku app via domain api.coshop-nozzha.acad...
      Accepted Answer: I was accessing the app using https however the connection wasn’t secure so I solved this problem by accessing the app using http as the follwing or by secure the app connection using ...
      1 answer2 years agoBy Amjed OmarUbuntu 18.04DNSDokkuNginx
    • Question

      By mistake execute the rm command in /

      When I mistakenly execute the command rm in / I delete some things and now I cannot enter the console, I get an error (error file ‘/boot/grub/i386-pc/boot.mod’ not found) try to fix it with tutorials but none worked a...
      2 answers2 years agoBy Bryan ZamoraUbuntuRuby on RailsDokkuMySQLLinux Commands
    • Question

      I have an access problem

      Hello, Hello, I hosted my application on your servers, while I have an access problem while trying to use resources. I have the following error message :Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 4...
      1 answer2 years agoBy meh2Dokku
    • Question

      linking OpenGL Libraries

      I’ve got a dokku droplet that uses OpenGL (via python’s PyOpenGL / pyqt5 & vispy) to create an image. Normally, OpenGL requires a GPU, but I think I’ve successfully compiled the library using mesa for CPU usage. The i...
      1 answer3 years agoBy ElleApplicationsDigitalOceanDokkuPythonUbuntu 18.04
    • Question

      What is the proper way to sync assets with Digital Ocean Space when precompiling assets?

      I deployed RoR application using Dokku On Digital Ocean droplet. I’m going to try DO Space CDN.I’d like assets to be synchronised to S3 bucket after run bundle exec rake assets:precompile but I can’t find any info abo...
      1 answer3 years agoBy slavadc5f09a0f97c6e8e69b16DokkuRuby on RailsUbuntu 18.04