How to enable SSL for Subdomain - domain with name cheap, website on VPS and storage with DO

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  • Hi i have my domain over at
  • I have my website with my VPS provider.
  • I have my storage files in DO Spaces.

I have successfully created and connected to DO spaces by creating a CNAME over at my domain registrar NAMECHEAP. I created the CNAME for my subdomain. Everything works, however when i go to my files e.g. i cannot see it due to no SSL being valid on the sub domain.

Now I need to attach an SSL to the subdomain, I have gone through the steps on DO - but I am not able create a subdomain in my DO panel because i do not have the domain registered with DO. My domain is with NAMECHEAP.

Any help would be appreciated as my website is currently not functioning and desperately need to attach an SSL to my subdomain.

Kind Regards

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Hi @Kay86,

Going over the documentation a couple of times, you would need to upload your custom SSL certificate from the panel. This means you’ll need to have it generated else where.

Another option would be to make your DNS managed by DigitalOcean. This would enable you to easily both manage your DNS from one place and use the Let’s Encrypt feature for creating SSL certificates for custom domains. There are pretty good articles about that here :

Additionally, there is a video showing how you can do this as well:


  • Thank you for your response, i am still learning as i go along.

    If i move my domain to DO, this means i will not able to manage the website and emails over at my VPS.

    What records will i need to add within the DO DNS settings page so that my website will still be served from my VPS and my emails managed via my VPS.

    I will then create a subdomain within DO and follow the example you have provided.

    Your help is much appreciated.

  • I have just looked at the documentation you have provided and the video tutorial. I have this setup and i see the subdomain in my spaces with https.

    However when i visit my custom domain i cannot see the image uploaded? Whereas if i follow the subdomain for DO it works....

    Here as you can see the SSL is valid on the spaces:

Thank you @KFSys i have resolved the issue by moving my domain to DO and then pointing the dns records and mx records to my vps whilst maintaining my subdomain cname on DO.

After 12 Hours of stress i have accomplished this, thank you.