How to Installing Siege Stress Tester on a CentOS Server?

November 2, 2019 135 views
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Hi all,

I want to do some stress testing for my application. I read this article here on the introduction to load testing:

But I was not sure how to install Siege on a CentOS server, could someone point me to the direction?

Thank you!

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First, you need to get the Siege source files. Here’s a link to the current siege repo:

As an example here would go with siege-3.1.4:

cd /opt
tar -zxvf siege-3.1.4.tar.gz

Once we have the files ready, cd into the folder and compile:

cd /opt/siege-3.1.4
make && make install

This is pretty much it, you can check if Siege is working by running this command here:

siege -v

Here are a couple of example commands that you could run in order to make sure that the installation was successful:

siege -c30 -t50s
siege -c30 -t1M

Warning: Only use Siege to test websites that you either own or have permission to test. Using Siege against unauthorized websites may be considered a crime in some countries.

Hope that this helps!

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