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October 4, 2019 137 views
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I’m a CTO of an Indonesian software company, we have been using DO products for more than three years and we love it. Mostly because of its simplicity and reliability factors.

Unfortunately, we can’t use DO for all of our projects/products. There are some regulations that banned us to use the international data center (DC) for certain kinds of projects and involved user’s data storing.

This regulation I believe affecting all the IT companies in Indonesia. Therefore, soon or later we’ll have to migrate our data from international DC to local DC.

Currently, the available option would be AlibabaCloud ( AWS also has announced will open their DC in Indonesia next year.

Here, we hoping the same for DO. I think this is a strategic move for DO to retain the Indonesian users. If not because we love DO, then we’ll not bother to send this letter.

Hoping to hear the good news in the near future.


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I don’t believe there are any current plans for a datacenter in Indonesia as the Singapore location was opened to serve that geography.

However, you can upvote that request here:

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