Is it possible to disable starter domain for an application on App Platform?

Posted December 12, 2020 440 views
DigitalOcean App Platform

By default every application on App Platform has starter domain like {app_name}-{some-symbols}

Is it possible to disable this domain in case a custom domain is configured?

Having it enabled for websites could potentially affect search engine optimization as content would be mirrored on different domains. For a static website, it’s not possible to have specific robot.txt files for different domains, so there is no way to disallow indexing of the default domain.

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👋 @dmytrovasylchenko

We don’t currently support disabling the App Platform domain. You bringup a good point, I’ll bring it up with the team and see what our options are.

Why can’t I delete the starter domain? It creates a duplicate, spoils the indexing of the site. For this reason, a 301 redirect is needed, can it be done from the starter to the main domain?

It is also annoying in the aspect of services like webcrawlers, global ip range scanners and so on. I’m running a django project as my app and by default django disallows all requests from unknown domains if not specified in the settings. Since I can’t receive the starter app platform domain as a global variable ($DOMAIN_URL switches to the custom domain if set) I’m punished by multiple error report emails per day because there is no way to either disable the starter domain or get it as a variable.