Is litespeed server completely free?

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OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click

Somewhere I read that LiteSpeed Server is completely free and that it can be used freely for wordpress installations, in another place I read that it is free up to a certain amount of RAM and Cores and yesterday in a video they mentioned that LiteSpeed Server is a “proprietary” tool and that to use it you need to pay.
I’m doing tests in DO and I would like to try the LiteSpeed installer from the marketplace or perhaps install it manually but I don’t know if I will have to pay later or not, the single website that I will be creating will be an Online Store that will grow over time and will need more resources.
Any help please?

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  • Litespeed is not free (requires a paid license) but now they have a new option called OpenLitespeed that is free, however some of the features are removed and some people said it’s great but some people said it’s less stable than paid version (crashes). The marketing team is very passionate and they want you to try the free version and later upgrade to the paid version.

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The one you saw on DigitalOcean Marketplace is OpenLiteSpeed, it’s a free version for everyone to use, no domain limit, no resource limit. So you don’t need to pay any for the software.

And LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise version will need a license, which starts from $0/month with some limits (e.g. certain amount of RAM).

I hope it’s clear now.


there is total 4 things you need to know

  1. LiteSpeed , depends on context, can be referred as “LiteSpeed Cache plugin” , or “LiteSpeed WebServer” or “OpenLiteSpeed”

  2. in above concepts , OpenLiteSpeed is total free and open sourced

  3. while LiteSpeed WebServer (refers as Enterprise edition) has license tier, there is a free license for server less than 2GB RAM

  4. LiteSpeed Cache plugin itself is free and open sourced , however it requires LSWS or OLS to work on caching , and page optimization (like css combine , js minify …etc) can also be working on non-LS server.

  • Thanks for the answer, I have deployed OpenLiteSpeed WordPress from the marketplace and my website is already up and running but my main doubt is: will i have to pay to LiteSpeed company later on if i increase the resources of my droplet?

    • no , for OLS , it’s totally free regardless the specs of droplets

      • That sounds really great! Won’t i have to pay anything, besides digital ocean, even if my droplet goes beyond 2GB Ram? Can you please share some documentation about this terms? Also, do you have any recommendations on what should be the best droplet specs for on online store?