Manually install WHMCS on a droplet

June 14, 2016 831 views
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Hi, I recently launched a start-up web development company. I am looking at using a droplet for my WHMCS billing system. I have also been looking online for a guide that would take me through step-by-step installing WHMCS on a VPS, including the installation of it's required components. I can't seem to find anything on google as most guides relate to installation using cPanel, which I am trying to avoid. Could you recommend a guide or perhaps have one created?

PS I would like to use the same droplet for my website and mails as well.

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Hey there,

WHMCS can be a bit complicated to get working, but once you have the base requirements down.

Your first needs are going to be a LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP. We have a great tutorial on getting that setup:

Once you have a working LAMP stack, it is time to work on the requirements for WHMCS. The best documentation I've found for this come to WHMCS itself: One thing in their documentation that is a bit confusing is setting up a database. We have a tutorial that walks through that here:

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