Setup DNS configurations correct with DO nameserver?

Posted September 24, 2020 966 views

As I was following this tutorial, I configured the nameservers on my registar website. It looks like this:

Example link

It has been four hours ago now and my website still isn’t accessible.

In the meantime, I installed the Nginx server on Ubuntu 20.04 succesfully and when I access my ip-address, I can see that the Nginx server is properly installed. My conclusion is that the ip-address is properly functioning, but there must be something wrong with the DNS settings.

I troubleshooted with the WHOIS and Dig commands via this tutorial, but nothing seems wrong to me there.

What do you guys think? Have I done something wrong in the settings?

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I have found the answer and submit it here, hope that it will help future developers. A problem arose, because I installed the Nginx web server using step 1 from this tutorial Example link, but I did it without having the domains properly secured with an SSL/TLS certificate. Some browsers properly redirected my domain name to the IP address (Firefox & Safari), but other browsers did not and indicated that they couldn’t find the page (Chrome). After I installed the certificates using this tutorial Example link everything worked properly on all browsers.

My advice in a nutshell:

  • Be patient after making the DNS configuration. It sucks a bit that you have to wait while you want to start working on your machine as soon as possible, but it’s worth the wait since it can save you some confusion and possibly configurations that get messy. My advice is to wait 24 hours, then all settings on all browsers are likely to be changed properly.

  • Secure your web server OS (like Apache/Nginx) securely right after installation. As stated above, this simple adjustment was the solution to my problem.

Happy programming!

by Erika Heidi
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Hello, @KatoVonKatz

Looking at the DNS for the domain name in question, the nameservers are not propagating/resolving at all. Is there any chance you can double check the NS configuration in the registrar’s control panel and if possible to confirm with the registrar support team if the issue is still persisting?

Hope that this helps!

  • @alexdo , thank you for thinking along. I think that the settings are correct. It now seems to be the case that some browsers have picked up on the domain configuration and others have not. I will start a log below for further troubleshooting and other people that might run into the same question.

    • September 24 2020, 3pm: Configured DNS settings as, see question). Ip-address is working, domain name is not working.
    • September 25 2020, 10am (19 hrs later): Domain name is active on browsers Safari and Firefox, but not on Chrome. IP-address is still working properly.

    I will be a little more patient to see if Chrome picks this up today and get back on this.

    • Thanks for getting back!

      All DNS changes might take up to 48 hours in order to fully update. This is due to ISP DNS cache and general DNS propagating as well. This usually happens a lot faster but will still take at least few hours to fully update.

      You can check the DNS records with our DNS tool:

      You can also monitor the DNS propagation using this site:

      It will show you a DNS record check from various points around the world. This will help you to see if there is a DNS misconfiguration or if it’s just the DNS slowly updating.

      The website is loading fine tested from my end. if you’re still experiencing problems to access the site I will recommend you to use alternative browser and different network if possible.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for your elaborate answer. It’s getting more and more clear to me. This afternoon, I found a solution to my problem. I uploaded it above as the Accepted answer to my question. I had to be a little bit more patient, yes, and I also had to secure my website.