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Hi, I working for a client and have a droplet for testing purposes. I was wondering if there is a way to transfer the droplet to the account of my client? The setup is WordPress /w WooComerce on LAMP

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  • Can I transfer my Snapshot to another user?

    Yes. Under the Images page in the Control Panel, the "Snapshots" section shows each image created using DigitalOcean's manual snapshot feature.


    Simply select the transfer snapshot icon and enter the email address of the recipient. Upon clicking the transfer button, the sender will notice the icon turn blue, indicating that the snapshot is mid-transfer. When the user on the receiving end accepts, the sender will no longer have access to the image.


    As the receiver, you will have a new section on the Images page titled Pending Snapshot Transfer Requests. Here you'll be able to accept or decline the transfer request. If approved, the snapshot will disappear from the original user's account, as well as be added to your list of Snapshots where you'll have full control over the image.

  • I can understand we could not transfer a live computer, but having to create a snapshot and restoring also means changing the IP address as mentioned below, which means extra work... Also, maybe DigitalOcean could look into automating all of that?

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You can transfer a droplet to another account by taking a snapshot of the droplet, transferring the snapshot to the other account, and then re-creating the droplet.

You might be interested in setting up a Team Account so that you can easily create droplets under your client's account while they manage everything else such as billing: Team Accounts: Share Resources Not Passwords.

  • This is not a good solution - the IP number of the server will change and so DNS need updating etc.

    Is there no way that Digital Ocean admins can change the account owner on request? (Even if it needs a request from both accounts)

I confirm there is no option to transfer a Droplet without changing the IP address and causing a disruption in the service to your customers.

So, if you need to plan future ownership swappings, beware in choosing Digital Ocean. For every other thing I tryed now, on the contrary, Digital Ocean is awesome and worth moving to them.

Angelo Maragna

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