where's my django application log file?

February 9, 2016 11.2k views
Django Monitoring Nginx API

For the one-click appplications.. where are the django application log files? I can only see nginx files but I can not see application level exceptions/errors there..

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asb MOD February 9, 2016
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The Django One-Click application employs Gunicorn and Upstart. Application level logging can be found in /var/log/upstart/gunicorn.log By default, Gunicorn logs to stderr and Upstart will collect output to stderr/stdout in /var/log/upstart/$JOB_NAME.log This can be adjusted by adding --access-logfile path/to/file to Gunicorn's options in /etc/init/gunicorn.conf or by implementing logging directly in your Django application.

nano syslog

  • Very useful info, thanks! I simply downloaded it to my pc.

    As root: 7z a /var/log/syslog.7z /var/log/syslog and then download /var/log/syslog.7z. You have to install 7zip first.

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