Which is better for Nextcloud for performance and reliability: Spaces or Block Storage

August 15, 2018 4.5k views
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I need to store ~100GB of data in the cloud using Nextcloud. Would Spaces or Block Storage be best from a performance and reliability perspective?

  • Spaces will be better than Block Storage, according to performance and reliability perspective. Or the best method is trying upgrading your Google Drive Storage. That's it!

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  • I'm finding block storage used as primary storage rather than external works quite will

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X40C August 15, 2018
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by Brian Boucheron
Flexible and scalable data storage is a baseline requirement for most applications and services being developed today. With today's complex deployments, containers, and ephemeral infrastructure, the days of simply saving files to disk on a single server are gone. Cloud providers have developed services to fill the storage needs of modern application deployments, and they mostly fit into two categories: object storage, and block storage.
  • Thank you X40C for taking the time to answer. I had actually already read that article previously but as a novice on server setups I could use some additional guidance.

    Would I be right in saying spaces would be cheaper with a trade of in performance while blocks would be more expensive but with less latency equaling better performance?

    • There's a request limit @ Spaces i believe but yea your assessment is more or less accurate. Spaces would be more of a cold storage thingy where you would store your back'ups and such where as Block Storage is just another network drive you can mount as a device on a VM and use it as local storage.

      • So would the following make sense as a balance between cost/stability/reliability? (With blocks costing more than spaces per GB)

        1) use block storage for items I will frequently need (stuff I will probably sync to/from my local device regularly and might share regularly)
        2) use spaces for stuff I want to keep for archival purposes but won't often need to look at and won't sync to my local device and won't share often, if at all

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