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    28: No space left on device error

    I was trying to renew my SSL certificate on my droplet by following this guide: But for some reason I kept getting 28: No space left on device when I run apt-get...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I would recommend starting with the following: First check how much space you have available and which partition is filling up with the following command: df -h The output would look something like this: Fil...
    1 By jenyeji DigitalOcean Let's Encrypt Linux Basics Configuration Management
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    How to configure WordPress with a Managed Database

    Hey all! I want to test out the new DigitalOcean Managed MySQL databases, can you tell me what do I have to do in order to configure my WordPress to connect to my Managed MySQL database? Thank you!
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I would recommend following this great step by step guide by Mark Drake on how to setup your WordPress with a Managed Database:
    1 By devdojo MySQL Configuration Management Ubuntu
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    Apache, non-WWW to WWW (HTTPS/Secure) and Let's Encrypt

    Okay, so I've been able to install a Let's Encrypt cert on my site, and I want all variations of my domain name to go to https://www. I've been able to redirect the insecure http versions (both www and non-www) to the...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I have a good news for you! The fix is realy easy, all you need to do is to move the RewriteRule just out of the <Directory></Directory> block. So it would look something like this: ``` <IfModule mod_ssl.c> <...
    1 By Quin452 Apache Configuration Management Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ubuntu 18.04 - systemctl file

    Greetings, I have just updated my server Ubuntu version from 16.04. to 18.04. During the installation I preferred to keep my current version of the systemctl file. I previously made some adjustments regarding swap con...
    Accepted Answer: @namikmesic To my knowledge, no changes would need to be made. If the service file for a specific piece of software is managed upstream (through repositories) and a change is needed, it'll come down as that software ...
    2 By namikmesic Configuration Management System Tools Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04
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    [ASK] Delete droplet will delete snapshot too?

    Hi, If I destroy my droplet, will it delete snapshot too?
    Accepted Answer: Hey there! Snapshots are independent from Droplets. Once you've taken a Snapshot, it exists on its own and will not be destroyed if you destroy the Droplet. Keep in mind that if you want to use the Snapshot, you won't...
    2 By irwankaryanto98 Configuration Management Control Panels CentOS
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    Nginx stable or mainline for production server

    Hello, i know its sound ok to go with stable version for production use. but for nginx its quite confusing even from their own documentation. this is what they say on a recent blog post We generally recommend using th...
    Accepted Answer: @newbie If you just use apt-get install nginx without any ppa, then you will get whatever version that comes with your version of Ubuntu. It will be updated, but only for security releases. If you use ppa:nginx/stabl...
    3 By newbie Nginx Server Optimization Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    CRON job setting ubuntu

    not able to set cron job * * * * /path/to/your/php 'path/to/cron.php' i have tried editing the crontab -e not sure if php path is wrong or something else has to be done. tried php paths like /usr/bin/php
    Accepted Answer: If you run: /path/to/your/php 'path/to/cron.php' does that work?
    4 By Lounge3 Configuration Management Ubuntu
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    How to disable Letsencrypt redirect all requests to secure HTTPS access

    I did the Letsencrypt installation and it works great. I choose the option to redirect all requests to secure HTTPS access. I saw those lines added by Letsencrypt in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf ...
    Accepted Answer: Yes you are right it was a cache problem because of header time config. Found the solution here : Seems like you added the HSTS header to your apach...
    2 By migswd Apache Configuration Management Ubuntu
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    Setting up extra ftp account

    I am setting up an Ubuntu-LAMP droplet with SSH access. Now I want to provide someone else (S)FTP access to this droplet. But I don't want to give him the SSH key. Instead I just want to give him a username and passwo...
    Accepted Answer: You just need to add an account with useradd. This article has the steps in detail: Cheers
    3 By musicmouse Configuration Management Ubuntu 18.04
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    Reset Droplet is needed. Please help me checking my ticket.

    I need to reset my droplet urgently. Please help reset it. My ticket is Ticket #3859689. I reset my droplet yesterday and it is logged in as "Recovery Mode". It is instructing the "tmux or etc. " recoverings. I just n...
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! It is important to us that we provide you with the necessary tools to resolve this without waiting for a ticket reply. Though our team will get to the ticket as quickly as possible, we don't want you to hav...
    1 By RoxanneTTL DigitalOcean Getting Started Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable?

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable? and how much will it cost?
    Accepted Answer: I think this will be fine, we don't delete accounts unless you instruct us to do so. Snapshot pricing is outlined on the /pricing page We're not a DNS registrar and at the curre...
    1 By business3ee5aed System Tools Billing Configuration Management Conceptual Control Panels
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    SSHD2 Update Wordpress. "Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content)."

    I am unable to pinpoint this error. I am trying to use an SSH key and unique user for this particular site. FS_METHOD direct is of course making files under the www-data user, which I don't want (I don't think). So I'...
    Accepted Answer: @danfoote104227 For Apache, then, you may need to run ownership equal to user:apacheuser where apacheuser is the user that Apache is running as. On NGINX, you have a little more control as you can actually run PHP as...
    4 By danfoote104227 Apache CMS Configuration Management
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    How to Free Swap Memory? - How to Clear Swap Memory?

    Hi, I am using serverpilot. 512 MB swap memory is filled with inactivate pages. I want to know how to free swap memory? 1) How to clear this ? 2) How to increase Swap memory? 3) I need to login as root or serverpilot?
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @saurabh: Hey, here is an article that might help you: View the original comment (https://www.dig...
    1 By Bharat1987 Nginx CMS Configuration Management WordPress Apache Linux Commands System Tools Monitoring Server Optimization Ubuntu
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    Just setup WordPress on my droplet server, now my site is down, please help?

    Hi there everyone, I connected to my droplet server via SSH and followed all the steps in this guide: Everything wor...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Please change this line. ``` ServerName ``` Then you should add your domain in instead. ServerName Notice in my second example the "#" sign is also removed. That is important t...
    9 By stradaentracasa WordPress Server Optimization PHP Configuration Management
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    After adding my domain to ALLOWED_HOSTS in django settings I am still getting a 502 error. Not sure why my settings are not recognized.

    So, I created an Ubuntu droplet with nginx, gunicorn and django. I added my domain and when trying to access my django site I got a 502 error. I read in several places that adding my domain to ALLOWEDHOSTS should re...
    Accepted Answer: I figured out what the problem was. I didn't realize that at the bottom of my file ALLOWED_HOSTS was being overwritten when the IP addresses are looked up at runtime. Sooo, ALLOWED_HOSTS appears near the...
    4 By bschreiber Nginx Django Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    Pros and Cons of Multiple Sites on One Droplet vs. on Multiple Droplets

    Please excuse any redundancy here, as I am well aware that there have been numerous posts/questions about the issue of hosting multiple sites on one droplet, as opposed to hosting those sites on more than one droplet....
    Accepted Answer: Hi @athayworth There's no such thing as ignorant questions, just misunderstandings and incomplete answers :) From the first segment: 1. Yes, there's a huge difference between hosting a single site or multiple. If you...
    2 By athayworth Server Optimization WordPress Storage Security Configuration Management Scaling Load Balancing DigitalOcean Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to setup auto-healing droplets?

    We are in the process of moving from AWS where we have a highly available system setup using EC2's auto scaling feature. However, we aren't using this to change the size of the pool based on resource usage, we are str...
    Accepted Answer: We ended up writing our own solution to somewhat mimic the behavior in EC2. We called it healthcare.js and open-sourced it at Essentially, it uses the DigitalOcean API and ta...
    3 By goldfire API Configuration Management Deployment High Availability Load Balancing Scaling System Tools Ubuntu 16.04
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    Enabled PHP functions: fopen, fclose, fwrite

    I just setup my first Ubuntu server and things were going smoothly until I realized that my tiny php script: <?php // write email to a file if (isset($_POST['email'])) { $myfile = fopen("emails.txt", ...
    Accepted Answer: Congratulations on your first server! Try setting ownership of the emails.txt file by running the commands below. I'm assuming your php and emails.txt files are located in /var/www/html folder, if not you can change ...
    1 By elob LAMP Stack PHP Configuration Management DigitalOcean Ubuntu
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    How do you host 2 sites from 1 nginx droplet?

    I'm trying to host 2 sites from 1 droplet. The droplet is Ubuntu 16.04 using nginx. I'm also using PHP 7.0 I own 2 domains that are pointed to the droplet. and uses Let's Encryp...
    Accepted Answer: I missed it at first but return 301 http://$server_name$request_uri; on line 9 of creates an infinite redirect, your site should work as expected upon removal and a reload of nginx.
    2 By evanp Nginx Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to ssh with i flag

    I just finished the tutorial ( for setting up CentOS on my droplet. Everything works except when I ssh into as a non-root user I have...
    Accepted Answer: (
    1 By Froge Configuration Management CentOS