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    Buddy — One-click delivery automation for web developers

    Docker-based CI server with auto-deployment tools for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
    By BuddyWorks Deployment Applications Git Configuration Management API
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    DigitalOcean For Telegram

    Control your DigitalOcean resources from the Telegram messenger
    By podobaas Configuration Management Applications API Control Panels Open Source
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    Cipi - Cloud Control Panel (Open Source)

    With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS.
    By andreapollastri Configuration Management Automated Setups Control Panels LEMP Server Optimization
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    Cloudron is a platform to effortlessly run apps on your server
    By nebulon Applications Configuration Management Control Panels Let's Encrypt Open Source
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    DeployPlace is an automated deployment tool for easy deployment of complex applications to your serv
    By nazaratamaniuk Deployment Configuration Management Server Optimization CI/CD
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    A Vagrant provider plugin that manages DigitalOcean Droplets.
    By devopsgroupio API Configuration Management
  • Tool

    DigitalOcean Developer Firewall

    Easily configure firewalls and gain access to your servers when using DigitalOcean cloud firewalls.
    By erlendellingsen Development Networking Security Configuration Management JavaScript
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    Configure, deploy, scale and manage web apps in cloud or own hosts
    By mastappl Clustering Deployment Configuration Management Applications Docker
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    Ansible do-agent role

    Cross-distro Ansible role for the installation of the DigitalOcean monitoring agent
    By asb DigitalOcean Configuration Management Ansible Debian Ubuntu
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    Digial Ocean Ansible Base

    Creates a Digital Ocean droplet image with basic configuration and common dependencies using Ansible
    By mjtieman55 Ansible DigitalOcean Configuration Management Getting Started
  • Tool


    Complete Haskell library for DigitalOcean API V2
    By yigitozkavci DigitalOcean API Configuration Management
  • Tool


    doclt is a command line tool for interacting with Digital Ocean written in node.js
    By omgimanerd Configuration Management Control Panels API Open Source Node.js
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    RunCloud is a faster, secure and modern web server panel that is focused on your web application.
    By ariftukiman Configuration Management Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04
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    Port of DigitalOcean v2 API to the D Programming Language (
    By laeeth Configuration Management API DigitalOcean Scaling
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    iOS Digital Ocean Toolbox

    Control your Droplets from your apple device including Apple Watch.
    By bchirino Applications Configuration Management
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    Apache jclouds

    An open source multi-cloud toolkit for the Java platform
    By abiquo API Java Configuration Management Deployment Apache
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    Flexiant Concerto

    The fastest way to automate and deploy applications on any cloud
    By sfreedman Chef Configuration Management Scaling DNS API