A container is an isolated user-space instance that abstracts applications from both the underlying operating system and other applications. Containers take advantage of the host operating system by using its kernel and resources, which are abstracted into layers and shared between containers. In this way, containers differ from virtual machines: they run their own init processes, filesystems, and network stacks, making them quicker to start and more lightweight than virtual machines.

The Docker Ecosystem is a popular example how containers are used in modern infrastructure.

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    • Question

      If you go over your Container Registry quota, will that affect deployments?

      I have an automated build set up using a combination of a DigitalOcean Droplet, DigitalOcean Container Registry, Docker Engine, Docker Compose version 2, and GitHub Actions. For some reason, after deploying the applic...
      No answers yet8 days agoBy settermjdDockerContainerDigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)GitHub Actions
    • Tutorial

      How to Automatically Update Docker Container Images with Watchtower on Ubuntu 22.04

      Every Docker container requires a Docker image as its base. Images are updated throughout the development process, but by default these updates must be manually pulled and applied to each running container. By pushing...
      30 days agoBy Tony TranDockerContainerUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Share Data between Docker Containers on Ubuntu 22.04

      In general, Docker containers are ephemeral, running just as long as it takes for the command issued in the container to complete. Sometimes, however, applications need to share access to data or persist data after a ...
      2 months agoBy Melissa Anderson, Tony TranContainerDockerUbuntuUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Set Up Laravel with Docker Compose on Ubuntu 22.04

      Containerizing an application refers to the process of adapting an application and its components in order to be able to run it in lightweight environments known as containers. Container environments are isolated and ...
      2 months agoBy Erika Heidi, Jamon CamissoContainerLaravelLEMPPHPPHP FrameworksDockerUbuntu 22.04Ubuntu
    • Question

      ******I created DO account as new one. All was successful but I have been limited to use only 3 droplets. How can I increase the limits? If

      ******I created DO account as new one. All was successful but I have been limited to use only 3 droplets. How can I increase the limits? If I can’t get more droplets yet now , when can I increase the limit?**__
      2 answers2 months agoBy aungheinsoe.2020may26Container
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Set Up Laravel with Docker Compose on Ubuntu 20.04

      To containerize an application refers to the process of adapting an application and its components in order to be able to run it in lightweight environments known as containers. Such environments are isolated and disp...
      3 months agoBy Erika HeidiDockerUbuntuLaravelPHPLEMPContainerPHP FrameworksUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      How to pass environment variables to a Docker container?

      I’ve seen this being asked quite a bit, so I’ve decided to write this answer outlining a few ways how to pass environment variables to a Docker container. Hope that this is helpful! If you have any questions post the ...
      Accepted Answer: Set environment variable with the -e flag The -e flag can be used to pass environment variables to a Docker container. For example, if you want to pass the environment variable MY_ENV_VAR to the container, you can do ...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Bobby IlievContainerDockerLinux BasicsLinux Commands
    • Question

      How to renew redash certificate

      I installed the redash solution from the market place. The letsencrypt certificate is expiring. The certificate appears to be in a docker container. How do I renew it?
      1 answer3 months agoBy ryantContainerDockerLet's Encrypt
    • Question

      App Health Check: Unavailable

      I deployed a Docker-containerized, .NET Console App with the Apps Platform. It’s working correctly, but for some reason the Overview tab shows an “Unavailable” value in the App Health Check. Any idea on what’s going on?
      1 answer4 months agoBy RacsoContainerDigitalOcean App PlatformDocker
    • Question

      Any plan to add additional IP support?

      One big figure that I find lacking on DigitalOcean, is the ability to rent additional IP addresses for your server. I know plenty of cases where this is something that is needed or advantageous, and I’ll give my curre...
      1 answer5 months agoBy coderboy14ContainerDigitalOcean DropletsSystem Tools
    • Question

      How to setup subdomain point to api using ip:port hosted in doker container

      I have nodejs api hosted in docker contain on my centos droplet. I can call using http://ip:4000/graphql . Now I want to point to ip:4000. My domain is point to google cloud. May I know how ca...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, You can achieve this with Nginx. You would need to set up an Nginx server block and add a reverse proxy rule. Here is a quick tutorial that demonstrates this:
      1 answer6 months agoBy alexaungAPIContainerDockerGraphQLNode.js
    • Question

      devOps for payment gateway

      I am looking for a server administrator specialized in Digital Ocean. I need the administrator to have experience in cybersecurity, Docker. Thanks you
      1 answer6 months agoBy BigCyanEelAngularAPIBuilding on DigitalOceanCDNContainerHigh Availability
    • Question

      about container

      How can I remove or rename the existing container
      2 answers6 months agoBy rajeshchoudhari71Container
    • Question

      Sysbox installation on DOKS

      As per Sysbox user guide for installation in Kubernetes Clusters is a must worker nodes’ OS to be Ubuntu Focal or Bionic (with a 5.0+ kernel) (
      Accepted Answer: Hi there, This is an interesting case, I have forwarded this information to our Managed Kubernetes team for an internal follow-up. An alternative solution in the meantime would be to set up a Kubernetes cluster on a f...
      1 answer6 months agoBy cyberslotKubernetesContainerDigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
    • Question

      Billing estimated cost for a basic droplet, can i exceed month bill?

      hi, im developing a ecommerce with python and postgresql with nginx on top on 83 hours i get billed for a 0.74$ according to this i will paid bill for 6.50$ on the end of month? my droplet are always on 70% ram usage ...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, As per the official documentation here , you will never be billed more than the monthly cost of your Droplet. All Droplets are billed hourly up to a monthly cap of 672 hours (the number of hours in 4 weeks). If...
      1 answer7 months agoBy oneromBillingContainer
    • Question

      Docker Container Issue

      We have deployed our react app in docker container & the container was exited automatically with the Error : 2021/11/10 06:35:02 [notice] 1#1: signal 3 (SIGQUIT) received, shutting down2021/11/10 06:35:02 [notice] 31#...
      1 answer8 months agoBy techkarewiseDockerContainerDigitalOcean DropletsNginxDigitalOcean
    • Question

      How to add custom domain name (/etc/hosts file) on DigitalOcean App Platform?

      Context: We have node app running on DigitalOcean App Platform. This app needs to connect to different hosts via custom domains, thus we need to add entries to /etc/hosts file or other ways to achieve the same goal. I...
      1 answer8 months agoBy iam chrisContainerDigitalOcean
    • Question

      How can initial role master for any node on Digitalocean

      kube@Big :/mnt/c/Users/Big_Picture$ kubectl get nodesNAME STATUS ROLES AGE VERSIONclinzilla-81z98 Ready <none> 37d v1.19.13clinzilla-81zzr Ready <none> 37d v1.19.13 Hi there, Because Kubernetes is a managed service ma...
      1 answer8 months agoBy abdelrhmankhamisalexKubernetesClusteringContainer
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up Laravel, Nginx, and MySQL With Docker Compose on Ubuntu 20.04

      This tutorial covers building a web application using the Laravel framework with Nginx as the web server and MySQL as the database all inside Docker containers along with configuration files for PHP, MySQL, and Nginx.
      9 months agoBy Faizan BashirDatabasesDockerMySQLUbuntuUbuntu 20.04LaravelPHPSystem ToolsNginxContainer
    • Question

      How to setup OpenVPN Client inside Docker's container running Centos7?

      Dear friend,I have an OpenVPN Server running on CentOS 7 at Datacenter. Now I want to setup an OpenVPN Client for my Docker’s container running CentOS 7 at the office. I know how to set up OpenVPN Client in a Host run...
      1 answer10 months agoBy The Dao CongContainerVPN