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    What will happen after EOL of CoreOS?

    Hi, since our company is currently relying heavily on CoreOS and the EOL will come next week, I wanted to know what will happen further on, how far has the implementation of the successor "Fedora CoreOS" on your side ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @zomilanovic, Once CoreOS Container Linux has reached its end of life, we will only allow creates via the API for a 30 day period after which we will effectively “retire” the image. If you will need to create a Dro...
    1 By zomilanovic CoreOS Container Fedora
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    JavaScript causing issues

    Guys, I've been experiencing an issue where my function has been constantly executing without actually. Here is my JavaScript code ``` <script> //Constants const testInput = document.querySelector('[name=te...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @brendRos, The error is quite common and it's not actually an error, it's how JavaScript works. Turn your attention to your Event Listeners: //EventListeners testInput.addEventListener('click', ExecuteRelo...
    1 By brendRos JavaScript CoreOS
  • Question

    Kuberenetes Firewalling the management API

    Hi all, I'm quite familiar with DO, Kubernetes and coreos ( used to deploy ETCD clusters on DO using Ansible + API). I'm looking at using DO to host an test K8 cluster, and am looking to 'lock down' the management API...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, you're correct, we're providing a managed Kubernetes product (our short hand for it is DOKS 👍🏼 ) so there's no access to the management layer: Hope th...
    1 By debesteben API Kubernetes DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls CoreOS
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    How secure is private networking?

    If I have a docker swarm cluster communicating over the private networking feature of Digital Ocean, is that traffic able to be seen by all of the droplets in the region? For example, can a droplet owned by another di...
    Accepted Answer: BEGIN MODERATOR EDIT: As of July 2018, communication over DigitalOcean private networking is isolated to the resources within a single DigitalOcean account or Team. A Droplet owned by another DigitalOcean account has ...
    2 By ericrini Networking Security CoreOS
  • Question

    Is it possible to clone a block storage device? E.g from a snapshot?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is an easy way to create a clone / duplicate of a block storage device?
    Accepted Answer: Yes. You can take snapshot of a block volume, and then create a new volume from that snapshot. ( It's under Images->Snapshots->Volumes ). That new volume will contain the same data content as the original volume at ...
    1 By feluxe Block Storage CoreOS
  • Question

    Graphic User Interface

    Hello, I have no experience using command lines. Do you have a solution "control panel" with a Graphic User Interface so I can visually install, run my droplet without command lines? GM
    Accepted Answer: @gmcoffi There's a number of control panels you can use, both free and commercial, such as cPanel, VestaCP, Plesk, and various others -- none of them, however, remove the need for the CLI. You still need basic server...
    3 By gmcoffi Control Panels CentOS Debian Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 CoreOS FreeBSD
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    Nexii Labs is a leading storage, virtualisation and Cloud service providers in India

    DevOps has changed the way an IT organization works and how it gets things done. Devops services and offerings connects development, technical operations and quality assurance personnel in such a way that the process...
    Accepted Answer: @ryanpq SPAM!
    1 By nexiilabs Backups Storage Getting Started Open Source Big Data Clustering CoreOS Arch Linux Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
  • Question

    How to create a droplet with an ignition script larger than 64kb?

    Hello, I am trying to install OpenShift on Fedora CoreOS machines. I uploaded the image from and generated my ignition files with the openshift-i...
    1 By max3903 CoreOS Fedora Kubernetes
  • Question

    How to remove a Droplet cpu limit

    Our droplet is capped at 60% cpu usage. there is no cpulimit installed on our ubuntu linux droplet. Does anyone know where such a limit is setup. we have an 8cpu core 32 gb droplet and we need to let the cpu load g...
    1 By chrissy DigitalOcean CoreOS Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    CoreOS end of life May 26th 2020

    Hi, since the eol of CoreOS is coming closer every day I was wondering if there is going to be any official recommendation from DigitalOcean on how to move on. Is the successor (Fedora CoreOS (
    0 By faburem CoreOS
  • Question

    Is Digitalocean have any free SSL certificate provides with hosting purchase ?

    We have a website named (http://) , We don't have any SSL. Is Digitalocean have any free SSL certificate provides with hosting purchase ?
    2 By jogaan Server Optimization CoreOS
  • Question

    Best OS for my specific use-case.

    Hi guys! Right now I'm running several Ubuntu droplets specifically for running docker containers. I really like the idea of CoreOS, a minimal OS designed for running Docker containers, but I'm not sure if it is meant...
    2 By maced19496ff1ed87017207bad Docker CoreOS
  • Question

    Unable to delete pvc volume

    I've been testing/learning Kubernetes using the DO managed Kubernetes cluster and am having some issues with some persistent volumes. I was testing a deployment of a MSSQL Server Express service but needed more RAM to...
    2 By rm249 Kubernetes Block Storage CoreOS
  • Question

    Does my app need to pass the CA certificate to connect to the DigitalOcean managed MySQL databases?

    Couple of years back I started my Docker journey with CoreOS. While it made me go through a lot of painful transitions, because features of traditional OSes were missing (like no package manager, everything done with ...
    0 By WilliamLucas CoreOS DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
  • Question

    How to know private ip range?

    Hey, Let me compare this with AWS so that I can be clearer. In AWS I have a VPC with cidr block of So I can be sure all my machines will end up with an IP within this range. I have a service that I want ...
    2 By jserpa DigitalOcean CoreOS Debian Ubuntu
  • Question

    DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for

    Hello, This Error appears when i tried to use certbot --webroot and said that can't reach the A record for my hostname and On the other side, i used an A record for and a CNAME...
    1 By zoompress2009 DNS CoreOS
  • Question

    Kubernetes readwritemany (or the same effect)

    I've been using compose for years - k8s for days. I'm building a specialized app on DO k8s and it's going great. Thinking ahead, though, I'd like to use DO k8s for our entire infrastructure. We have hundreds of hoste...
    2 By ardkevin84 Kubernetes Block Storage Scaling CoreOS
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    How to go top 10 in google ?

    Hi every body I use cload fleayer CDN for my site seo optimize in googl i am new webmaster some time i have problem with Cload fleyr and i want to change or use to anoter CDN company my site refer to detector or فل...
    2 By goldscan1co Data Analysis Blueprint Caching CDN CI/CD Development Arch Linux Debian 9 Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 CoreOS Ubuntu 18.04 CentOS
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    I get the same error every day: "Error establishing a database connection"

    I receive a database error twice a day. The problem is solved when I turn the server off and back on. I'm sick of this now. It's ridiculous to have problems every day in such a big company. I hope you can help. if you...
    2 By kiraz0127 DigitalOcean CoreOS CentOS
  • Question

    Any plans for a datacenter in Brazil soon ?

    I already upvoted this thread before: But it's 5 years old now. Any update about servers located at south america?...
    9 By Kyoro FAQ Ubuntu 16.04 CentOS CoreOS Arch Linux Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu