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    Ansible problem: Shared connection to server closed

    I have two servers, one is my control node and one is the worker. I've installed Ansible on the control node with the following command: apt update -y && apt install ansible -y And it seems to be working fine. I als...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I've seen this problem before. I think that by default python 2 is not installed on Ubuntu 18.04 . So a quick fix here is to just add the path to python 3 in your inventory file. It would look something like th...
    1 By bitmap Ansible Development Ubuntu 18.04
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    How can I deploy easily?

    What's a good way to deploy stuff to a DigitalOcean droplet? Right now I'm hosting my Node.js website on Cloud SQL and Google App Engine, but I'm wanting to move to DigitalOcean. My only issue is that with App Engine ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @Dog2puppy, There are multiple tools for you to use. Let's break them down a little bit. So first, if you wish to deploy your application more code based, you can use either git/gitlab/svn etc. I'll recommend going...
    1 By Dog2puppy DigitalOcean Development Deployment Node.js
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    Run VSCode in browser from a remote server?

    Is it possible to run VSCode on a remote server and access it via a browser? What are the benefits/drawbacks to running a Web IDE this way? What kind of server specs do I need? What are the steps to setting it up? How...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Thanks for the great question! Yes this is definitely possible thanks to a company called Coder. They recently open sourced a project called Coder Server. It basically allows you to run VScode on a remote serv...
    1 By rufio Development
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    How to connect Gitlab project to Kubernetes cluster?

    I want to connect my Gitlab project with a Kubernetes cluster. Basically I want to try to create my first CI/CD pipeline.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, With GitLab this is quite straight forward to do. Prerequisites: Deploy a K8s cluster on DigitalOcean. If you do not have that already, here's how to do it:
    4 By bitmap Kubernetes Git Development
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    WordPress security issue related to file manager plugin

    Hi I had installed two WordPress sites on same DigitalOcean server (Ubuntu + Nginx + Mariadb + php-fpm). /var/www/html /var/www/html2 Now problem is that file manager plugin installed on one WordPress site can read an...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @rishi008tiwari, One of the benefits of PHP FPM is that is can run PHP scripts with different users. What you could do is add different users for each website and create separate PHP FPM configs for each webs...
    1 By rishi008 Apache Nginx LEMP LAMP Stack WordPress Security Development
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    Intermittent connection refused with cURL on localhost only

    After updating my droplet running Ubuntu 17.10 a week ago I have been experiencing intermittent "Connection refused" errors when making requests to my API using cURL. After spending hours narrowing down the cause of t...
    Accepted Answer: I'll answer my own question for anyone else having the same issue. After days of trying to figure out what the issue was, a Stack Overflow answer on an unrelated topic pointed me in the right direction. I knew that wh...
    2 By chrisjonesio Networking API Development DNS Ubuntu
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    Where are Cron Job errors logged?

    As the title states. Where are the crontab errors logged and what is the name of the file? I'm not sure what the name of the file is so I have no clue what to search on with find -iname "file name here"..
    Accepted Answer: By default on Ubuntu your cron output should be logged to /var/log/syslog If you would like cron to log to it's own file you can edit /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf and uncomment the line ``` cron.* ``` Then run s...
    1 By fandrev87482a4aafc8df6927f Apache DigitalOcean Development PHP Storage System Tools Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    Do I need a domain name for internal webservices?

    Sorry for the noob question, but I have two projects, a node webapp, and a set of webservices that sit behind the webapp. Only the webapp needs to see the webservices, they do not need to be viewable to the public. N...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @MikeyC, You shouldn't need a domain for your internal webservices. You should just be able to access them using your IP and the relevant port. For instance, let's say you have a service listening on port 4564 and...
    1 By MikeyC Nginx Development
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    Vurtual (.htaccess) Subdomains CORS Issue - No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header

    I use .htaccess mod rewrite rules to redirect any (existing) subdomain URL request to the main website where those URLs are resolved internally: ** RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.) [NC] RewriteRule (.) s...
    Accepted Answer: Ups.... I've managed to figure out the culprit... actually I had some javascript errors in my code that messed up other on-page functionalities. Once I resolved it the font issue and CORS was resolved as well :)
    1 By knezdusan Development Apache CDN Ubuntu 16.04
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    GraphQL API server for a Postgres database?

    I'm building a single-page app that loads data via a graphql API. What are my options for setting up a simple graphql API in front of a Postgres database? I'm already running a digitalocean postgres database cluster. ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi aha, I'll try and provide you with the best options I've seen so far: Digital Ocean's own tutorial If you are a looking for a quick integration of <^>GraphQL<^> with <^>PostgreSQL<^> while utilizing <^>Docker<^>, y...
    2 By AHA PostgreSQL Development Docker
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    Ip address responds but not domain name

    ip address private ip address domain name assgined using pointing nameserver:,, I've waited 3 days...
    Accepted Answer: Never mind I got it works lol
    1 By decycleyang CentOS Applications Development DigitalOcean DNS
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    Can I use nautilus file manager on my ubuntu laptop to upload and edit files on my droplet?

    Hi, I'm used to ftp'ing into my hostgator server fro nautilus on my ubuntu laptop and using nautilus to upload files and edit files on the server. Is it possible to use nautilus to do the same with my droplet?
    Accepted Answer: Hello! You should be able to use nautilus to edit the files hosted on your droplet. In order to do that you can try to following commands: Open your terminal and type (if it fails, try with sudo): nautilus-connect-se...
    2 By gypmaster Development Ubuntu
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    How upload images or pdf file in my droplet storage?

    I have a React app + express hosted in a Droplet. I want to allow my users to upload some pictures, save this pictures in my droplet and get a sort of reference to be able to show this picture where I want. For exampl...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Great question. I found a tutorial that may be helpful: For your purposes, it may help matters to consider this not specific to DigitalOcea...
    1 By Vana DigitalOcean Development Ubuntu 16.04
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    Which offer to choose ?

    Hello, I currently have a debian server on which with all the services in place that takes 600MB of Ram. I own the $5 droplet. I would like to integrate Gitlab into my server, so I need to improve it. What is the best...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @aurl, I would say a normal 2GB droplet for $10/mo ( would be sufficient for your needs. Since Gitlab needs around 1GB RAM + swap as well and you got around 1GB of other apps, this wo...
    1 By aurl DigitalOcean Development Scaling Debian 9
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    Images not showing up with nodejs express on ubuntu server

    Problem: Images show up as broken icons. The images work perfectly fine when run locally on my own (windows 10) desktop, but on the ubuntu server it doe snot seem to work right. Things to Note: * File path is correct...
    Accepted Answer: Well now I feel silly. After hours of trying to narrow down the problem I finally found it! In case anyone else has a similar issue to me, this was how I fixed it. The whole problem was with the way I was with my FTP....
    1 By Decoded Development DigitalOcean JavaScript Node.js Programming Project Ubuntu 16.04
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    How To Host Multiple Sites Using VestaCP

    Hi guys, i wanted to know how can i host multiple sites on my dedicated server. I am currently hosting 1 site on it using VestaCP and its running fine and well. I have only 1 Ipv4 address. So i really have no idea how...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @Zulqarnainkhan You can host multiple domains on the same IP. I have never used VestaCP, but it should be pretty straight forward from what I can read in this tutorial. Simply click the WEB menu and click the gree...
    7 By Zulqarnainkhan Control Panels CMS Development Ubuntu 16.04
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    SignatureDoesNotMatch with DigitalOcean Spaces presigned URL

    I keep getting SignatureDoesNotMatch errors with pre-signed URL PUT requests for uploading files. I tried both v2 and v4 signature versions, double checked CORS policies and API keys. Regular file upload works, so it'...
    Accepted Answer: Never mind I got it working. For me I had to set x-amz-acl header to match the ACL parameter used to generate the pre-signed URL. I did not have to do this for AWS.
    2 By zer0stimulus Development DigitalOcean
  • Question

    Any working java-script Cloud IDE (to run on Ubuntu 16.x droplet) !!!

    Any cloud based java-script IDE that works on Ubuntu? (like alm, alm is not working anyways)
    Accepted Answer: That might be an option for you.
    1 By reachnitinvenkat Development Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Move snapshot from one droplet to another existing droplet?

    What I'm trying to achieve is something like this: Take a snapshot of my droplet (which is doing production work at the moment) Use the snapshot to spin up a droplet. Do some development on the new, non-production dro...
    Accepted Answer: Yes. You can do this. It sounds like you have the process down but are just missing one piece. You can deploy any snapshot (as long as it exists in the same datacenter, you can copy a snapshot to new datacenters fr...
    2 By jschauer Development System Tools DigitalOcean CentOS
  • Question

    How to host a Discord Bot (Visual Studio 2017)

    Discord bot hosting Dear developers, hosts etc. I recently coded a Discord bot in Visual Studio 2017, now my question is: How to host my bot on DigitalOcean? I am using this (
    Accepted Answer: Okay. After a few days of work, i finally did it. Because i know there will be more people asking the same question, i have made a guide for this. You can find it here (
    1 By CSharpCaptain Development DigitalOcean