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Begin Accepting Online Payments in Just 15 Minutes Using Stripe Sample and DigitalOcean

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About the Talk

Learn how to quickly set up and accept payments for your business with Stripe. CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe, walks through implementation best practices using Stripe Sample – an open source, end-to-end code example – on DigitalOcean.

What You’ll Learn

  • How quickly and easily you can get started accepting one-time or subscription payments for your business
  • How to use the Stripe CLI to test webhooks locally, then deploy to DigitalOcean to have a live running business in less than 15 minutes


About the Presenter

CJ Avilla is a developer advocate at Stripe, where he helps developers increase the GDP of the internet. He runs the Stripe Developers YouTube channel and is heavily involved in the Ruby on Rails and Django communities. Previously, he was a web development instructor at App Academy. In his spare time, CJ likes to podcast and remodel houses with his family in Sparks, Nevada.

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