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  • Tech talk

    Begin Accepting Online Payments in Just 15 Minutes Using Stripe Sample and DigitalOcean

    How to quickly set up and accept payments for your business using Stripe Sample – an open source, end-to-end code example — on DigitalOcean.
    By CJ Avilla Payments Open Source Stripe Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Question

    Does the price works the same for managed databases as for droplets?

    Hello! I'm still learning and trying out things, so I want to use only a bit of the Digital Ocean services. With droplets, I can use them for limited amount of time, like an hour, take a snapshot and just delete it. S...
    Accepted Answer: Hello @rafaeltragueta79 , That's a good query and similar to Droplets, you will also be charged per hour basis. Billing will be based on the hours of usage alone. Hope this helps! Cheers, Sri Charan
    2 By rafaeltragueta79 Databases Payments
  • Question

    Will my account be charged or will my credits be used?

    Howdy! I recently got accepted for the GitHub Student Pack, and received $100 in platform credit. I have selected my GitHub account to login into DigitalOcean my account, but as soon as I made it, I was prompted to pa...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @FreebiII If you have a credit into your account it will be used to cover the costs of your droplets. In our eyes, with $100 credit, you have a balance of “negative $100.” Usage accumulates toward 0 and once p...
    3 By FreebiII Payments
  • Question

    Can the same server work only for few hours a week?

    I need functionalities of my server only for 4-8 hours a week. I want to pay only for them and I don't want to delete my server every time.
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, When you power off your droplet it is simply powered off. Your disk space and data are still there and are preserved. Keep in mind that you are still billed for droplets that are powered off because your di...
    1 By andorus911 Payments
  • Question

    How to make automatic purchases with Paypal or Stripe to add balance to my account from a Nodejs server

    I am trying to do a web hosting service as a reseller, and I want that when a client of mine makes a purchase to choose a droplet part of that money goes to digital ocean for the droplet Is it possible to do this auto...
    1 By facufernandez974 API Payments Node.js
  • Question

    Why not webmoney, skrill accepted as payment method ?

    Why don#t digital ocean accept webmoney, skrill ? Are there any reseller of digital ocean vps who accepts webmoneyZ, Skrill ?
    2 By jogoctron Payments
  • Question

    Billing balance

    How to see my billing balance (not remained credit!)? How i can know how much i owed?
    1 By trofimov2006 Payments
  • Question

    Monthly Payments

    I want to try out digital ocean, and also deploy an application using it, but I am worried about it automatically charging a lot of money, so I was wondering, how does the charging work, does more traffic=bigger charg...
    1 By ulmanismareks Payments
  • Question

    Don't see a promo code area in the billing section

    Hi, I tried to apply Github Student Pack promo code that gives 100$ credit for 1 year, however I don't see promo code area in the billing section, even though I added my credit card info. Maybe its because I've alread...
    2 By andrewglbv1997 Billing Payments
  • Question

    How much will I be charged?

    I have a GitHub student code (100$ Credits). But I need to set a valid payment method. If I use a Credit Card, how much will the charge be?
    2 By henriquegabriel11 Payments
  • Question

    is Digital Ocean Billing Prepaid or Postpaid

    Dear Team, this is the first time I am using Digital Ocean, Got Free credit of Rs 100$ , now the amount is finished. My credit card is active & added to my digital Ocean Account. Can you please clarify How going to I ...
    1 By rebootmarketing Billing DigitalOcean Accounts Payments
  • Question

    Can i buy droplets with virtual visa cards ?

    Hello there, Can i buy droplets with virtual visa cards ?
    1 By linuxlinked DigitalOcean Droplets Payments Billing DigitalOcean Accounts
  • Question

    Crowdfunding Droplets via Paypal links

    Hi, I have a digital ocean account only for one droplet, that is used by a group of people and I'd like it to be "crowdfunded" in a way. My idea was to share the Paypal links (the one behind the "Continue to Paypal" B...
    1 By schnuppser Payments
  • Question

    How do I request Purchase Order and Procurement in organization

    Hi, I would like to use services (Droplets) in DigitalOcean. Before using the services, I may need to obtain Purchase Order (PO) and DigitalOcean itself register in my organization procurement system. How do I need to...
    2 By yychai97 Payments Billing Product Management Email
  • Question

    Paypal Payment End of Month

    Hi DO Team, I see this message on Paypal Payment Tab: To use PayPal as your payment method, you will need to make pre-payments each month before your bill is due. Does it mean, I am not able to add funds into DO using...
    1 By simhadri Payments
  • Question

    Need an option to make payment through bank transfer

    I reside in a place where the government does not allow international payments through credit cards. This is to keep proper check-n-balance and taxation. We have so far been paying through friends and families residin...
    2 By KMShrimp Payments
  • Question

    Creating Optimized droplets using pre-payments only

    Hi, I was wondering if this was possible as I'd really prefer to use only PayPal to pay for my droplets. I received an email about this and it referred to loading 25% of the price of a droplet on my account, but as I ...
    1 By lobsterf4 DigitalOcean Droplets Payments
  • Question

    Coinbase website can`t get access to my website (DO Server)

    Hello, Hope somebody could help me. I integrate the platform on the website. And test payments were successful but I couldn`t set-up normal email sending to the clients. Here is what I ...
    0 By chrisbennett DigitalOcean Initial Server Setup Email Payments
  • Question

    How To Use My Free $100 Credits

    I have been given $100 credits for signing up but I am a bit confused as to how I should fully utilize this offer. For example say I create another droplet and make a year's payment (if that's possible or allowed) wil...
    1 By gcpabia Payments
  • Question

    How do I delete my droplet

    I want to keep my account, and the remaning money that is on the account there, but I want to delete my droplet and stop getting charged from my account purse, you know what I mean?
    2 By andrazarh070 Payments FAQ