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Secrets to Building and Scaling SRE Teams

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About the Talk

Tammy Bryant, Principal SRE at Gremlin, shares how she’s built tech solutions in emerging ecosystems. From setting yourself up for success as you scale to efficiently handling millions of global users, Bryant shares her best advice for onboarding all customers, no matter what stage your business is in.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set yourself up for success from the moment your onboard your first customer
  • Enabling your teams to build scalable and standardized solutions
  • Three secrets to efficiently scaling your infrastructure


About the Presenter

Tammy Bryant (Butow) is a Principal SRE at Gremlin. Tammy loves building scalable solutions and has helped efficiently scale companies from seed round to post-IPO. Previously, Tammy was the SRE Manager for Databases and Block Storage at Dropbox where she led her teams to effectively scale from 400 million to over 500 million users in 1 year (with a small team of 5 engineers!). Tammy’s passion is working with small wise teams to scale effectively.

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