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  • Tech talk

    Pain-Free Quarterly Planning for Product & Engineering Teams

    Tools to engage and align your entire team in your quarterly goal-setting and planning process.
    By Antonio Rosales & John Gannon Tech Talks Product Development Product Management Team Management
  • Tech talk

    Scaling Up Engineering: Managing People, Process, and Technology at Each Growth Stage

    How to avoid the pitfalls of a rapidly growing engineering team by managing resources across people, process, and technology at each growth stage.
    By Al Sene Lightning Talks deploy 2020 Team Management Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Secrets to Building and Scaling SRE Teams

    Tammy Bryant, Principal SRE at Gremlin, shares how she's built tech solutions in emerging ecosystems. From setting yourself up for success as you scale to efficiently handling millions of global users, Bryant shares h...
    By Tammy Bryant Team Management Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Developer Burnout: Yes, You Can Improve Your Team's Wellness

    How to incorporate stress management techniques into your team's culture to help prevent burnout.
    By Jaime Woo Tech Talks deploy 2020 Wellness Team Management
  • Tech talk

    Power of People and Culture: Achieving Long-Term Business Goals by Developing People

    How to build a strategic framework around developing people that helps your business succeed in the long run.
    By Matt Norman deploy 2020 Lightning Talks Company Culture Team Management
  • Question

    How can I add someone to a project with read only access?

    Is there a way to add someone to a project / App so that they can only read the deployment logs?
    1 By afoxShark Team Management DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    how to create a team?

    How to create a team?
    1 By redz7474 Team Management
  • Question

    How many owners can be on a team

    Can more than one team member be an owner?
    2 By tdtmiller Team Management
  • Question

    How to make same person member and payer in team

    Can the same person be a team member and a payer? I want the same person to have team member rights and payer rights.
    1 By tdtmiller Team Management
  • Question

    Member restricted to one Project

    Good day, There is any way give to one member access to just a specific project? I don't want they can access to all my account projects, Or I need to create totally new account?
    1 By gentooshop Team Management
  • Question

    Can we have an access to individual Spaces?

    Is it possible to generate API tokens and keys for individual Spaces? Right now, one API key gives you access to everything. The only workaround possible I see is to create a new team, which will create a lot of wor...
    1 By flywithme DigitalOcean Spaces User Experience Team Management
  • Question

    How to move an app to a Digital Ocean project?

    You can manage your droplets and databases in a Digital Ocean project. Is there a way to move your apps to a project? I can't find the possibility out of the box.
    1 By Robbe DigitalOcean App Platform DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Team Management
  • Question

    Move a single project on personal account to a team account

    Is there a way to do this? I need a team where multiple people are able to manage several resources under one project but kept away from other projects. I created a new project but it is all empty of resources. There ...
    2 By TonyRivera Team Management DigitalOcean
  • Question

    How to delegate a subdomain to a team?

    I was hoping to delegate a subdomain managed through Digital Ocean DNS to a team I am the owner of. This would be super helpful as it reduces switching between teams. I could not find anything in the official document...
    1 By fabianvolkers DNS Team Management
  • Question

    Converting account into team - impact on project resources?

    I'm looking at adding some additional devs to the only project in my account. I understand that if I create a new team and move my resources there, I would require some work to make updates to droplets, domain info,...
    1 By Andre79 DigitalOcean Accounts Team Management