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Easy to use multi-cloud database service with HA, backups and easy migration between clouds/plans.

Aiven is a next-generation managed cloud database service that hosts your software infrastructure services. Our focus is ease of adoption, high fault resilience, customer’s peace of mind and advanced features at competetive price points.

Aiven provides best in class Highly Available services:

  • Elasticsearch - Easy, massively scalable solution for your document and full-text search needs
  • Grafana - Brings your data to life with easily customizable graphing dashboards
  • InfluxDB - Easy, high-performance solution for your time series data
  • Kafka - Managed High-Performance distributed commit log allowing you to process billions of events
  • Redis - Easy, high-performance solution for your NoSQL needs
  • PostgreSQL - The worry-free SQL database service

The user can choose from a variety of plans with differing features and performance and HA characteristics depending on the customers needs.

Aiven is a self-healing service automatically taking care of your backups and database’s health. Our service has an emphasis on security making sure all your data is encrypted both in transit and on disk.

Aiven also automatically take care of software upgrades to make sure you always have the latest version of your database software at your disposal.

Besides having an easy to use Web console Aiven also has a powerful command line client and REST API access available.

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