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ClusterCS is a web-server control panel focused on Website Speed Optimization, High Availability Traffic, and DevOps support

What is ClusterCS?

ClusterCS is a web-server Control Panel that works as a SaaS, compatible with any type of VPS or Dedicated Servers. It is an asset for any type of business, from small websites to websites that encounter a high flux of traffic and need complex systems, redundancy and performance optimization at infrastructural levels.

How we came up with ClusterCS?

The company behind the product,, works in the Web Development market since 2004 with many satisfied customers, both nationally and internationally. A problem SoftDreams has encountered was the administration of multiple servers and domains for their high traffic clients (over 30 million daily views). After analyzing the market, it came to the conclusion that there is no available solutions that can solve the given case in a simple but efficient manner, this is how ClusterCS was developed. It has been used internally with success and it has been constantly updated until it reached a mature state and it has been launched commercially in 2016.

Who is it for?

1) Server and site owners that need a management solution for administration 2) Developers and SysAdmins that manage servers, websites and web-apps for themselves or their clients from a single interface 3) Digital agencies and Webshops that require a complex, redundant and fail-safe infrastructure in order to manage the services of their clients 4) Webhosting Providers that can sell their servers along with a control panel (The “white-glove” approach) to their clients as a solution for management

What are the advantages of using ClusterCS?

• Management of all your domains and servers from a single interface
• Simple and intuitive administration with modern services and tools for web-apps and domains
• The capability of building a complex infrastructure for High Traffic, fail-tolerant ready with the possibility  to scale up and down as needed
• Development environments with the possibility of cloning web-apps or websites where you can test changes and upgrades while working under the same URL as the live version without impact on visitors
• DevOps Support with GIT integration and 1-click automatic installers for CMS
• Traffic-shaping optimizations for improved performance and secure websites / web-apps
• Active monitoring with detailed reports for critical services with self-healing systems which automatically solve most of the issues for your web services
• 24/7/365 Support and Live Chat
• Free consultancy for High Availability Clustering scenarios

What are the main benefits of using ClusterCS?

• Enhanced loading speed and solutions for slow loading websites/web-apps
• Stable and fault-tolerant infrastructure with service availability across multiple servers
• Low costs of implementation and maintenance compared to similar existing solutions
• Enterprise quality at accessible pricing for SMEs
• Save time and reduce human errors with automation oriented software
• Assistance and consultancy with quality support
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