With odrive's free clients you can natively access, sync, and share the files in your DigitalOcean Spaces buckets.

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Unlock DigitalOcean Spaces with Infinite Sync

Use odrive to easily access, sync, and share your DigitalOcean Spaces files from your desktop. No coding required.


Free Windows and Mac desktop clients provide native, file system access to your Spaces storage via Explorer and Finder.

For advanced capabilities, including automation, scripting, and custom workflows against your Spaces storage, odrive offers CLI tools and dedicated command-line Sync Agents for Linux, Windows, and Mac (also free).

Additional Features

  • A progressive sync engine, providing the ability to see everything, but only sync what you need
  • Zero-knowledge Encryption
  • Share links with optional password protection and expiration
  • Unsync
  • Custom blacklists
  • Advanced performance tuning
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