How To Insert Javascript into HTML Using the script Tag


You can insert Javascript into HTML inline or as an external file using the <script> tag. This tutorial demonstrates both methods.


Inserting Javascript into HTML using the <script> tag

Here’s how to insert an external JavaScript file or some inline JavaScript in your HTML documents.

To insert an external script file:

<script src="doStuff.js"></script>

To insert an inline script:

  // your code here

Remember that where you insert the JavaScript influences the load order. Essential stuff like jQuery itself is usually placed in the <head> section and stuff that can be loaded last like tracking scripts can usually be right before the closing </body> tag.


type="text/javascript" is an optional declaration and unnecessary since HTML5. You’ll still see it in legacy code, but you don’t have to use it in your own code.


<script> is one of the most common and important tags in HTML.

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