JavaScript Reserved Keywords



There are certain keywords that you cannot use in Javascript. Below you will find a list of all reserved keywords.


  • A familiarity with the Javascript programming language. Visit our tutorial series, How To Code in Javascript, to learn the basics.

Reserved Keywords in Javascript

Here are keywords that you can’t use in JavaScript for variable names and identifiers:

await, break, case, catch, class, const, continue, debugger, default, delete, do, else, enum, export, extends, false, finally, for, function, if, implements, import, in, instanceof, interface, new, null, package, private, protected, public, return, super, switch, this, throw, true, try, typeof, var, void, while, with, yield

You should also avoid these HTML event handlers as identifiers:

onblur, onclick, onerror, onfocus, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup, onmouseover, onload, onmouseup, onmousedown, onsubmit


Reserved keywords are an important element in Javascript. For a more comprehensive overview of the programming language, visit our tutorial series, How To Code in Javascript.

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