npm vs Yarn Commands Cheat Sheet

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Here’s a cheat sheet you can use as a handy reference for npm & Yarn.

There’s a lot of similarities between npm and Yarn. As the newer technology Yarn (released 2016) drew a lot of inspiration from npm (2010).

On the flip-side, their similarities can lead to confusion and silly mistakes if you find yourself using both package managers. Hopefully this cheat sheet will serve as a handy reference! 🐊

npm vs Yarn

Command npm yarn
Install dependencies npm install yarn
Install package npm install [package] yarn add [package]
Install dev package npm install --save-dev [package] yarn add --dev [package]
Uninstall package npm uninstall [package] yarn remove [package]
Uninstall dev package npm uninstall --save-dev [package] yarn remove [package]
Update npm update yarn upgrade
Update package npm update [package] yarn upgrade [package]
Global install package npm install --global [package] yarn global add [package]
Global uninstall package npm uninstall --global [package] yarn global remove [package]

Things that Haven’t Changed

There are some commands that Yarn decided not to change. Here’s a quick breakdown:

npm yarn
npm init yarn init
npm run yarn run
npm test yarn test
npm login (and logout) yarn login (and logout)
npm link yarn link
npm publish yarn publish
npm cache clean yarn cache clean
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