Suggested Topics for Tutorials
Suggested Topics for Tutorials


Suggested Topics for Tutorials

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Our tutorials help people like you solve some of their trickiest problems. Whether they’re building out some infrastructure or writing a web application, readers trust our tutorials because they’re written for developers by developers.

Each month, we’re focusing on a few specific topic areas, and we’re looking for authors who understand those topics well.

For August 2021, we’re looking for the following topics:

  • Containerization tools: What are your processes for using container tools like Helm, etcd, and Rook? We want to hear how to make management and orchestration of your containerized apps easier. Be sure to check out our tutorials on container tools before you submit.
  • Database troubleshooting: Finding errors in the data layer of your application can be tricky. Tell us your best troubleshooting procedures for identifying bad queries, handling authentication issues, and fixing connection strings. Be sure to check out our database troubleshooting tutorials before you submit.

To share your knowledge on any of these topics by writing a tutorial for the DigitalOcean Community, apply to the Write For DOnations program by submitting a writing sample in our style, along with an outline of your topic. We’ll evaluate your proposal and, once you’re approved, we’ll work with you to develop your outline and help you get published.

You can read our Technical Writing Guidelines for more information on our tutorial style. If you would like to read some examples of recent tutorials we’ve published that illustrate our writing guidelines, see the following:

We can’t wait to read your proposal when you apply!

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