Suggested Topics for Tutorials

DigitalOcean Articles

Our tutorials help people like you solve some of their trickiest problems. Whether they’re building out some infrastructure or writing a web application, readers trust our tutorials because they’re written for developers by developers.

We’d love your help publishing articles that help developers get their apps into production.

We’re particularly interested in the following types of articles:

  • Tutorials that walk readers through using or deploying software on Kubernetes.
  • Tutorials that show readers how to use DigitalOcean products like Spaces, Block Storage, and Load Balancers in real-world applications.
  • Production-focused tutorials covering topics like load balancing, automatic backups, database management, failovers, security, monitoring, logging, vertical/horizontal scaling, testing, optimization, etc.

In addition, we’re looking for tutorials on the following topics:

  • How To Use Inspec to Test your Chef Deployment on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Kubernetes Workload Scheduling using DigitalOcean Kubernetes Node Pools

If you need additional inspiration, here are some examples of recent tutorials we’ve published that illustrate what we’re looking for:

To share your knowledge on any of these topics by writing a tutorial for the DigitalOcean community, apply to the Write For DOnations program by submitting a writing sample in our style, along with an outline of your topic. We’ll evaluate your proposal and, once you’re approved, we’ll work with you to develop your outline and help you get published.

We can’t wait to see your proposal. And if you have other topic ideas, just let us know when you apply.

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