DigitalOcean Kubernetes Resources

Learn everything about DigitalOcean Kubernetes—including how you can save time and deploy your container workloads without configuring everything from scratch.

Dive into Kubernetes

Explore these in-depth resources, then bookmark them for future reference as you set up your own DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters.

Should your team use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is not for everyone and it’s a large investment for a development team. Before you begin your journey we want to give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on when it’s time to move your workload over to Kubernetes.

Getting started with Kubernetes

It takes only minutes to create a cost-effective, ready-to-use Kubernetes cluster. These resources will help you simplify and streamline your automated application deployments and save weeks of setup time with guided configuration. Running into roadblocks is normal—use these resources to help troubleshoot your setup.

Growing on Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides interfaces and composable platform primitives that allow you to define and manage your applications with lots of flexibility, power, and reliability. It’s easy to scale—no matter your unique use case—with the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler. You can add instances of your application services as needed to meet demand.

Hack the Box: A DigitalOcean Customer Experience

Hack The Box is an online cyber security training platform for users to level up their hacking skills. Hear from James Hooker, CTO and Co-Founder of Hack the Box, who spoke at the DigitalOcean deploy conference. Learn how they’re using DigitalOcean to level up their business.

Deploy software to clusters with 1-Click Apps

The DigitalOcean Marketplace has a dedicated Kubernetes section with more than fifteen 1-Click Apps specifically packaged and tested for deployment to DigitalOcean Kubernetes.

Looking for more?

If you need assistance with large deployments, migration planning or questions regarding a proof of concept, we’ve got you covered.