How do I know when traffic is too high for droplet based on graphs?

Posted March 3, 2021 442 views
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How do I read the graphs? What’s too high CPU usage, memory or disk IO?
As an example, I have various basic droplets, all 1 CPU, 1GB ram, and Ubuntu 20.04. I run a few websites on each of them, Grav CMS on Nginx, very lightweight flat-file cms. All the websites have very low traffic, I have an average CPU usage of less than 1% and a few spikes to 10% every few days, while the ram is about 30% all the time, I guess that’s just for running the OS. How do I know when these numbers are too high and it’s time to create a new droplet for new sites? I used to create a new droplet for each site, but after I learned how to properly setup Nginx blocks I started putting multiple sites on the same droplet and didn’t see any drop in performance. Disk IO is usually around a few kb/s with random peaks lower than 2MB/s, same goes for bandwidth.

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Hi there,

I could suggest monitoring the graphs regularly and in case that you notice a trend that the usage is going up slowly you could consider an upgrade.

Another thing that I could suggest is to check out this introduction to load testing tutorial:

Load testing allows you to test your website and server and see how much traffic it could handle, that way you would know how many people could visit your site.


by Brian Boucheron
In this article, we'll talk about the server side of web performance optimization: how fast can your server respond to your user's requests? We'll review the general landscape of load testing, step through a plan to find your server's maximum practical response rate, and discuss some options for open source load testing software.
  • Thank you, I’ll give that a read. From what I’m seeing now, the spikes at 10% are when I upgrade and reboot the droplet, otherwise, they are always below 1% CPU. This behavior is the same for a droplet with one site and one with 5 sites or another one with 3 more complex and heavy sites. They are all pretty low traffic so I guess I can keep adding until I see an increase.