How do I work out the 'size' slug string for a given droplet size?

April 30, 2019 262 views
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In the API documentation at it says:

size String The unique slug identifier for the size that you wish to select for this Droplet.

Looking at I can see several different sizes in three families “Standard”, “General Purpose”, “CPU Optimized” but no way of translating the size into a slug string for the API.

Looking at the examples I can guess that “Standard” droplets have slug strings s-<nCPUs>vcpu-<RAMsize>gb but what are the slug strings for “General Purpose” or “CPU Optimized” droplets?

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jarland MOD April 30, 2019
Accepted Answer


You can list out the sizes through the API, and this will help you to find the slugs. You can draw correlation to the pricing page by the resource/price. The documentation for that can be found here:


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