How to include a x509 certificate in Apps

Posted March 3, 2021 706 views
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When deploying applications using the Apps functionality, I see that I can include env variables which is great (love the Apps functionality). The problem is, I don’t know how to use this when working with certificates.

I have seen other posts that suggest that I should include it in the environment, but how does that work considering the certificate format? Should I encode it to something else before using it as a variable or what’s the best practice here? I need to use it to initialise Dotnet IdentityServer4 when issuing JWT tokens to my client.


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👋 @OkanA

You could put the certificates raw text as an environment variable and then prepend an output command to our run command. This will take the value of your env var and save it to the file. You could base64 encode it too and then decode it when saving it to the file.

echo "${JWT_CERT}" > jwt.cer && <your_original_run_command>

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I’m running my .NET app using a Dockerfile. It seems to interfere with my Docker run command and the container exits with nonzero error. It doesn’t give any more info but only showing this:

    api | 21:25:35 ${JWT_CERT} > cert.pem && dotnet WebApi.dll

    My Docker run command is ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "WebApi.dll"]

    I tried removing it and running only the first command, gave the same error. I also tried removing the && dotnet WebApi.dll part from the run command, still giving error. I might have to add it to my Dockerfile instead of the run command?