Move snapshot from one droplet to another existing droplet?

February 23, 2018 382 views
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What I'm trying to achieve is something like this:
Take a snapshot of my droplet (which is doing production work at the moment)
Use the snapshot to spin up a droplet.
Do some development on the new, non-production droplet.
Take a snapshot of that NEW droplet and replace the existing PRODUCTION droplet with the snapshot.

I don't see this as a documented use case, but I imagine there's some sort of workaround.

Note that the users of the PRODUCTION droplet are using the droplet IP address, and it's a burden on them to change how they access it -- which I'm trying to avoid.

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ryanpq MOD February 23, 2018
Accepted Answer

Yes. You can do this. It sounds like you have the process down but are just missing one piece. You can deploy any snapshot (as long as it exists in the same datacenter, you can copy a snapshot to new datacenters from the Images section of the control panel) to any droplet by using the Restore option in the control panel. If you click the "delete" section for your droplet you will see two options.

  • Delete droplet
  • Rebuild droplet

When rebuilding you can choose to rebuild using any image, OS, one-click app or snapshot.

  • Thanks, ryanpq, for this help.

    In case anyone else is surprised that this method involves the scary "DESTROY" control panel, let me tell you my experience.

    First: Next to the Rebuild button, you'll see a list of images/snapshots. YOUR SNAPSHOT MAY NOT BE OBVIOUS -- the list contains all the basic DO systems -- a lot of FreeBSDs, Ubuntus, etc.

    Interspersed -- NOT OBVIOUS -- will your snapshots. Keep looking.

    Second: What happens to your old snapshots when you rebuild? THEY REMAIN IN PLACE. (thought they might be destroyed, but no.)

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