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Arch Linux is a free, open source linux distribution that focuses on simplicity, code-correctness, and elegance as general design principles. As an intentional tradeoff, the user is expected to make some effort to understand the system’s operation.

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  • Question

    how can speed up my Server performance

    how can speed up my Server performance (
    Accepted Answer: yes at Salnaguide ( are many way you can optimize And speed up Server performance
    1 By salnaguid Server Optimization Arch Linux
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    DigitalOcean Unreliable?

    For the last 3 months i've been in charge of a small virtual Ocean operation with around 50 servers. i've been studying digital Ocean and recognize some of the matters it simplifies in assessment to AWS. however i hav...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! I'm sorry that you've had trouble and I would love to take this feedback and distribute it to everyone who will have impact on the various individual issues. Here's what I could gather from this post, with...
    1 By ParthpanchalPP DigitalOcean Arch Linux
  • Question

    Unexpected error 35012

    Hello everyone! I am new to this website and am seeking some advice.. A months ago I have created Microsoft Access database. I could open it at the beginning, but now I am struggling with this error message: Unexpecte...
    Accepted Answer: Corruption... I've had that one before. Your best bet is to re-install Access and rebuild the database as you have suggested. For more detailed information on how to fix Access error codes you can find HERE (https://o...
    2 By irosach993 FAQ Arch Linux
  • Question

    Setting up Internal Hosting server for NodeJS/React applications

    Well explained article. It helped me to understand a lot on the local/in-house server setup environments (where I need to setup all the hardware/software environment, to have a website up and running on our office res...
    Accepted Answer: I'll do my best to give some basic information on the questions you've shared. Please feel free to follow up and ask about any areas where more detail would be helpful: What are pros and corn of having *Linux *or *Wi...
    1 By mhannan313 Node.js Firewall MongoDB Monitoring Server Optimization Security Arch Linux Ubuntu CentOS Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
  • Question

    How many servers can I have with a single account????

    Friends very good afternoon I have an account in digital ocean with a server but I would like to know how many servers I can have with the same account, why I want to set up my website
    Accepted Answer: My account has a droplet limit of 25 however you can request that to be increased.
    5 By Stalsoft DigitalOcean CentOS Arch Linux
  • Question

    How to find server blackout time?

    I am facing with web server blackout with one of my websites. I inform my service provider and they say it is under maintenance or so. Or sometimes reject my claim. I would like to know if there is any service which s...
    Accepted Answer: @behsatravel you can use zabbix ( to monitor your servers and the services running on them....
    3 By behsatravels Server Optimization Arch Linux
  • Question

    Nexii Labs is a leading storage, virtualisation and Cloud service providers in India

    DevOps has changed the way an IT organization works and how it gets things done. Devops services and offerings connects development, technical operations and quality assurance personnel in such a way that the process...
    Accepted Answer: @ryanpq SPAM!
    1 By nexiilabs Backups Storage Getting Started Open Source Big Data Clustering CoreOS Arch Linux Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
  • Question

    how do i install proftpd on amazon linux, yum install proftpd is not working, its showing "proftpd pakage not found"

    [root@ip-172-31-37-101 ec2-user]# yum install proftpd Loaded plugins: priorities, update-motd, upgrade-helper amzn-main/latest | 2.1 kB 00:00 amzn-updates/latest ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi! ProFTPd is not available in the default Amazon Linux repos. However, your system should have the EPEL ( repo installed (although disabled) by default. You can temporarily enable...
    1 By anky Linux Basics Linux Commands Arch Linux CentOS
  • Question

    Does Digital Ocean allows installing external python modules?

    I am building a scraper to scrap some cloudflare protected sites using python, but after few successful scraping attempts cloudflare shows Captcha page. I wanted to know if Digital Ocean allows to run python using a c...
    Accepted Answer: Yes you can install external python modules and set up cron jobs to schedule their execution but you cannot change your droplet's IP address from time to time directly.
    1 By noman Security Python PHP DigitalOcean Arch Linux Ubuntu
  • Question

    how i make that mi droplet linux have sounds my aplication need sound to run correctly

    my app returns de error: ALSA lib confmisc.c:768:(parsecard) cannot find card '0' ALSA lib conf.c:4292:(sndconfigevaluate) function sndfunccarddriver returned error: No such file or directory ALSA lib confmisc.c:392:(...
    1 By delarosacy99 Arch Linux
  • Question

    systemd-journald: Memory useage keeps increasing. Is this a leak?

    I moved my site from shared hosting to DO + ServerPilot and I love the speed. But now I would like to put 5 websites on this 2gb droplet. However I noticed my 1 website was using a lot of memory. So I ran some comman...
    1 By mike212916 WordPress Arch Linux Server Optimization
  • Question

    How to we can access the (centos) server error log without logging in server?

    I am using Apache2 server and want to check error log in my admin dashboard, currently every time we need to log-in into server for checking server logs but I want all logs are store in db so I can easy access this on...
    1 By PriyankaSankhala Apache Logging Arch Linux CentOS Server Optimization PHP Automated Setups LAMP Stack
  • Question

    how I change droplet name

    I'm new and I named a droplet just mailmago and forget the .com , how can I update the droplet name? thanks Mario
    2 By mariocesar Arch Linux System Tools
  • Question

    my html mobile sensor not working in this server, but its work on other server

    mobile sensore not work in this server buts its work in ooowebhost
    1 By alvish50 Applications Arch Linux
  • Question

    Private communication between a external droplet and a pod in k8 cluster

    Hello! I am trying to figure out a means to have a private communication between a pod in k8 cluster and an external droplet in the same data centre from same account. I know i can expose a loadbalancer/nodeport servi...
    1 By last61474 Kubernetes Networking Arch Linux
  • Question

    User can add new tasks for a current date (not allowed to add new tasks in previous dates)

    1)Develop a HTML Theme for To-Do list , use boot strap, (can use templates from internet) 2)Develop JSON Schema (develop json schema first, it will help to solve most of the problems) 3)Develop Sidebar which shows the...
    1 By parshitsingh JavaScript Arch Linux
  • Question

    Website speed issues, Should I change hosting?

    Hey, I have a leaf blowers related website, ( I am using NameCheap hosting but when I check my website speed in google developers site speed checker. the speed shows 90%...
    1 By shakoora603 CDN Arch Linux
  • Question

    Website (served by DO) not appearing now that Office 365 email accouunt is set up on Godaddy

    Hello Our domain is served and managed by DO, happily for several years. I just switched from using Gmail to office 365 for the email associated with our domain. Godaddy is the supplier of the Office365 package. I fol...
    1 By BenERC20 DNS Email Arch Linux
  • Question

    I am a Beginner, Can you explain about DigitalOcean?

    I am Naman. I want to know that DigitalOcean Is A Right Choice for Beginner. Please Explain me.
    1 By natjpofficial DigitalOcean Arch Linux
  • Question

    how to extract a zip file on spaces

    is it possible to uplaod zip files to spaces and extract them using any software like WinSCP or digitaloceans control panel? Someone please help thanks
    4 By ravimareedu API Arch Linux