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    Getting account unblocked

    Hey guys, new here. Been using Digital Ocean off and on for the last few years, mostly for personal projects and have really liked it a lot. Recently, though I started using it for Big Data processes. What I do is spi...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, I'd like to explain a bit about the reason for this, and the thoughts behind it. Please know that I'm about to say a lot of things that may not be relevant to you. It isn't necessarily that crypto is again...
    1 By jwalz DigitalOcean Big Data Ubuntu 18.04
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    What are the most popular Hadoop tools/projects?

    I have a question what are the most popular Hadoop tools/projects?
    Accepted Answer: Hive is an SQL-like language for data processing, which gets converted into a MapReduce job behind the scenes. Hive is popular because it is written using familiar SQL-like syntax. This is often confusing, because Hiv...
    2 By gulatisneha56 Big Data
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    Nexii Labs is a leading storage, virtualisation and Cloud service providers in India

    DevOps has changed the way an IT organization works and how it gets things done. Devops services and offerings connects development, technical operations and quality assurance personnel in such a way that the process...
    Accepted Answer: @ryanpq SPAM!
    1 By nexiilabs Backups Storage Getting Started Open Source Big Data Clustering CoreOS Arch Linux Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
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    Can you send data to a server through cellular?

    Hello all. At my current job we have sensors on one of our building's roofs that sends environmental data from the roof to a physical server in the building. This system is proprietary and our building does not allow ...
    1 By csmall9 Applications Databases Open Source Big Data Conceptual
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    What is Quantum computing ?

    What is quantum computing and future of quantum computing
    1 By chandu12fvl Big Data Databases DigitalOcean Machine Learning
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    CPU Optimized Droplet works very slow

    Hello, I was using a CPU Optimized Droplet. At first month it worked very fast with a low amount of information for example a process that I developed, it took a maximum of 2 minutes to to deliver results. But the sec...
    2 By AndresRamos95 DigitalOcean Big Data
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    I would like to max my cpu usage for foreseeable future. Can I?

    I need to do math. Math is hard. I would use 100% CPU for foreseeable future. Is this allowed? I have old account and all is prepaid. I would use a new 3 CPU 15$ droplet.
    2 By DigitalOceana234400ef21fe9 DigitalOcean Big Data
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    How to change all my space files permissions

    Hi. I uploaded 60G of images to my new space and i found out that all the files are with private permission. How can i change the permission to public to all my files in the space? I got around 7M images. Thanks, Liron
    2 By liron DigitalOcean API Big Data Ubuntu
  • Question

    What's the differences between Volumes and Spaces. Can I Switch from volume to Spaces or vice-versa?

    What's the differences between Volumes and Spaces. Can I Switch from volume to Spaces or vice-versa?
    1 By miguelpeguero30 Big Data Block Storage Arch Linux
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    Kafka requires Zookeeper, but the 'Installing Kafka' tutorial doesn't install Zookeeper. Then Kafka magically works anyway? What? How?

    Hello, all, I'm new to Ubuntu, Kafka, and Zookeeper, and this has me puzzled. From everything I've read, Zookeeper is part and parcel to Kafka. However, the tutorial here (
    2 By abelwingnut Apache Big Data DigitalOcean Articles Development NoSQL Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Scraping data on a website

    Hello ! First, sorry for my english. I have a PHP script to scrap data from a website. I would like to run this script and be untraceable... Is there a Digital Ocean solution that meets my needs? Thanks. Regards.
    1 By mckbgbg Big Data Automated Setups Debian
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    Data Migration between different Databases

    I have about 1000 of tables in mysql databases, whole mysql DB data is about 100GB, I need to migrate it to Cassandra, also mysql data grows every second. I already tried to search the solution, but no luck. maybe I n...
    1 By datopipo Big Data MySQL Databases NoSQL Debian
  • Question

    Increasing HDD on Droplet

    I have a droplet that has the following spec: 2 GB Memory / 40 GB Disk / 2 vCPUs I am looking for a way to increase just the storage, can I use volumes or spaces for this? Any advice or support is very much welcomed. ...
    2 By Luke86 Big Data Block Storage Storage Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    We are planing to connect some of our servers to remote servers in different country and pass data in real time

    We are planing to connect some of our servers to remote servers in different country and pass data in real time. Is this possible and what should we add ? Thank you.
    2 By betekosoft DigitalOcean Applications API Backups Big Data Ubuntu
  • Question

    how to use hadoop after installing in ubuntu stand alone?

    already installed hadoop following the a manual and completed, now i have difficulties using it.
    1 By antonnymuiko Apache Big Data Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    What are the common server issues encountered in hosting migration?

    I am doing research for my article on common server issues that developers face during web hosting migration.
    3 By atifshahab Backups Big Data Deployment Arch Linux
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    Does Apache Spark require droplet-to-droplet networking (Private networking)? and what is private networking on DigitalOcean?

    Some background: First time building on the DigitalOcean droplet platform. Tried setting up a spark cluster with multiple droplets. Issues that I ran into: The master could connect to the worker and in the workers l...
    1 By OrlandoG Apache Big Data Clustering Ubuntu
  • Question

    Hadoop Hive Database

    I'm new to Hadoop Hive, now i'm connecting Hive PHP using Apache thrift, its working good. I want to know where is the Hadoop Hive ( Database file store in server ? (Database...
    3 By lianamelissa12 Apache Big Data
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    How much the CPU of Digital Ocean handle?

    How much does the CPU hold? I have a Droplet with 8GB of memory and 80GB of SSD and the CPU usage is 250% What is the max percent he handle?
    1 By evertonroliveira MySQL Apache Applications Big Data Ubuntu
  • Question

    TTFB is very long using Cloudflare

    Hi everyone! The issue I run into is that when I upload files I chunk them into smaller pieces. After each chunk a new request gets sent. These requests have a long TTFB waiting time as you can see here: screenshot ht...
    4 By Chris1904 Big Data Ubuntu 16.04