A CDN, or content delivery network, is a distributed set of servers which cache and deliver web assets to users from an edge server close to their geographic location, improving the speed and availability of the website.

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    Receiving 403 from Spaces when accessing private file containing whitespace using AWS SDK

    I am experiences problems accessing files on DigitalOcean Spaces in situations where the target file contains whitespace in its name. The below function works perfectly for private files without whitespace in the file...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, One thing I recommend trying: explicitly use v2 signatures, as the encoding rules differ from v4 signatures. Should you continue seeing issues, we'll need to dig in further as there is a lot of variation fr...
    1 By emiljj CDN DigitalOcean
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    Vurtual (.htaccess) Subdomains CORS Issue - No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header

    I use .htaccess mod rewrite rules to redirect any (existing) subdomain URL request to the main website where those URLs are resolved internally: ** RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.) [NC] RewriteRule (.) s...
    Accepted Answer: Ups.... I've managed to figure out the culprit... actually I had some javascript errors in my code that messed up other on-page functionalities. Once I resolved it the font issue and CORS was resolved as well :)
    1 By knezdusan Development Apache CDN Ubuntu 16.04
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    API to purge file cache from Spaces CDN after file update

    I can't find a non-manual way to purge the cache of a file in the CDN after I update it in Spaces. I feel like this is a common task but I can't find any documentation on it besides the one telling you how to do it ma...
    Accepted Answer: Clarifying @jarland's answer a bit: The Spaces API itself does not have support for purging the CDN's cache, but the DigitalOcean platform API does. The Spaces API was designed to emulate the AWS S3 API so that develo...
    3 By stevenz Caching CDN Ubuntu
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    Spaces API Errors

    I'm trying to make my own Spaces API client and I'm hitting some snags. I'm trying to access spaces API without having to use AWS SDK as that thing is a beast and I'm aiming to do something much lighter and PHP 7 comp...
    Accepted Answer: I finally got it working correctly, I was doing the canonicalRequest body incorrectly which was causing the issue.
    1 By elomonaco DigitalOcean CDN API PHP
  • Question

    Are there any plans to share Droplet Transfer Pool with Spaces?

    We're using a very small portion of our monthly droplet transfer pool. We're also planning on using spaces with CDN to serve media content. Since spaces bandwith billing is seperate from droplets it seems cheaper to u...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, At this time we don't have any plans to merge the bandwidth pools. Spaces do include 1TB/mo of bandwidth that you can use without overage fees. Learn more in our Spaces product docs (https://www.digitalocea...
    1 By beyazarge DigitalOcean Object Storage CDN Billing
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    How to Set up Cloudflare DNS with DigitalOcean droplet

    I am trying to set up my domain (DNS on CloudFlare) to point to a DigitalOcean droplet, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. I have an Ubuntu Droplet, running WordPress, and on CloudFlare, I have configured an...
    Accepted Answer: Nevermind, I found a fix elsewhere. Answer from sdayman on the CloudFlare community forums: Having the IP address show up in the browser indicates a problem with your server configuration. You probably need to have Wo...
    1 By ApCoder123 WordPress Networking DNS CDN Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu
  • Question

    Linking to CloudFlare is it will reduce the cost?

    Linking the websites to free plan of cloudflare is it will reduce the cost on Digital Ocean. or the monthly plan on digital ocean doesn't need to link to CloudFlare to reduce the cost.
    Accepted Answer: Hi It depends on several factors. If your droplet is using a lot of HTTP bandwidth (very busy site) then CF will help offload some of that bandwidth and reduce cost if you exceed or come close to your droplet transfer...
    1 By jnasser CDN DNS CentOS
  • Question

    Why can't I acces my website through its ip address after setting up CloudFlare?

    I was able to access my website by putting the ip address of my droplet to the web browser. Some time ago I started using cloudflare CDN. Now I am not able to access my website with its ip. I only can visit by using m...
    Accepted Answer: Setting up CloudFlare alone will not have any effect on attempts to connect to your droplet directly. I run several sites using CloudFlare and more than once have mixed up IP addresses between the one that the domain...
    2 By ucanbolat CDN Networking Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Can I use DO space with CDN for live streaming?

    I have a droplet on which RTMP server runs it creates .m3u8 and .ts files for HLS streaming. Currently I am using nginx to play the video by serving .m3u8 and .ts files to the player. I want to use DO SPACE with CDN t...
    0 By venkateswar CDN
  • Question

    How do I use a custom domain with Digital Ocean spaces while still using Cloudflare for DNS management?

    Hey all, I'd like to add a custom domain to my Digital Ocean space while still using Cloudflare for DNS management, and more importantly, DDOS protection. How would I go about doing this? I see that there's an upload ...
    1 By the1sword CDN
  • Question

    I am using CDN but in serach consule there is speed error while page speed is high

    page speed is high but I recieve speed error in google search conslule. I have enabled CDN and usingpage speed booster. (https://) is my website
    1 By kaplanmarket CDN
  • Question

    How can I purge cache manually?

    Hi, since I moved my app on a live domain here on DO I am making code changing but it scripts don't update. How can I purge cache manually?
    4 By igorpliuiko CDN
  • Question

    How can one droplet access another and write files

    Hello, My company is pushing a new service live and we want you guys to be the web hosting providers, simply because you are awesome and I have had a great experience with you so far! I will not get into small details...
    1 By digitalprintdev API Conceptual CMS CDN CentOS
  • Question

    How to use DO for video hosting and streaming for Android

    Hi I am going to design an Udemy like android App and I want to host my videos on DigitalOcean. Is it possible? If possible what should I do? Please explain or send me a link of any tutorial if available.
    1 By jantoodutta DigitalOcean CDN
  • Question

    521 error cloudflare

    I'm getting a 521 error after i setup Cloudflare DNS and ssl I switched from flexible to full and full strict and kept getting 521 error i then moved back to flexible and then get a 522 error and i setup droplet firew...
    1 By edgar07e571841182f80d45827 CDN
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    Getting a "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED" on CDN assets

    Loading a static website I get a Failed to load resource: net::ERRCONTENTDECODING_FAILED on the first load (and sometime at other time). When I refresh it's all good. I use Nginx, does that need to be setup for CDN?...
    1 By ponnuki Nginx CDN Debian
  • Question

    Fixing cdn error in django when serving statis files using CDN.

    Issue with addressing style of the url from Origin to Cdn
    1 By coworkhubs19 CDN
  • Question

    How to use cdn stream data for load balancer in Digital Ocean Kubernetes

    I had livestream services, deploy on kubernetes of digital ocean. It using video storage on Space (enable cdn), but data stream from service via load balancer it not enable cdn. How to enable cdn for Load Balancer?
    1 By manhlinhngvps CDN Load Balancing Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
  • Question

    token url in google smart home action authantication

    I have some problems with the Account Linking for Google Actions I have implemented the OAuth2 steps described in the documentation by Google. I have found out the client id and client secrete also authenticate my UR...
    1 By dildarmuhammad97 API CDN Node.js
  • Question

    How to enable gzip on Digitalocean Spaces?

    I recently setup a Spaces CDN and have been trying to compress some static assets like JS and CSS. I'm able to set these assets meta to Content-Encoding: gzip but they don't ultimately get compressed. Am I missing som...
    1 By philos DigitalOcean CDN Ubuntu 18.04