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  • Tutorial

    How To Process Images in Node.js With Sharp

    Digital image processing is a method of using a computer to analyze and manipulate images. This tutorial covers using the Node.js library sharp to read an image and extract its metadata, resize, change and compress it...
    By Stanley Ulili Node.js Custom Images Development
  • Tutorial

    How To Build a Telegram Quotes Generator Bot With Node.js, Telegraf, Jimp, and Pexels

    In this tutorial, you will use Node.js, Telegraf, Jimp, and the Pexels API to build a Telegram chatbot that will send you a randomly selected image with a fact overlayed. You will create the bot through Telegram, and ...
    By Carlos Mucuho JavaScript API Custom Images Node.js
  • Tutorial

    How To Create an Image of Your Linux Environment and Launch It On DigitalOcean

    DigitalOcean's Custom Images feature allows you to bring your custom Linux and Unix-like virtual disk images from an on-premise environment or another cloud platform to DigitalOcean and use them to start DigitalOcean...
    By Hanif Jetha Custom Images Solutions DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04
  • Tutorial

    How to Create a DigitalOcean Droplet from an Ubuntu ISO Format Image

    DigitalOcean's Custom Images feature allows you to bring your virtual disk images from an on-premise environment or another cloud platform to DigitalOcean and use them to start DigitalOcean Droplets. As described in...
    By Hanif Jetha Solutions DigitalOcean Custom Images Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to get images to display on deployed laravel project on apps platform

    I recently deployed a small laravel app on the digital ocean apps platfrom and images I had saved in my public/images folder are't displaying. My image tag looks like so <img alt="image" src="{{ asset('images/port_s...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @blaynebennett99, I could suggest a couple of things: Check the exact error that you are getting in your web console, it could be due to mixed content. If this is the case, then what you could do is force HTT...
    2 By blaynebennett99 Laravel DigitalOcean App Platform PHP PHP Frameworks Custom Images
  • Question

    Private IP is not created for custom image

    I am using the API to spin up a droplet that uses a custom image. I have enabled private ip at the time of creation but no network is created in the droplet. I can see in the DigitalOcean control panel that private ne...
    Accepted Answer: The device itself is properly created ( ens4 ) so the missing piece is likely the integration of the metadata with the interface configuration. This is generally done with cloud-init, which should be aware of using th...
    1 By zboyet Custom Images Networking
  • Question

    Dropbox custom images don't work on DigitalOcean

    so I try to install a custom operating system on my droplet but I notice that I cant upload .iso files and then I see the "custom images" section with the support of .vmdk and I tried Mega but it didn't work and I saw...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, To upload a custom image you must provide a direct link to its file. Your link does not meet this requirement. To check it, run following command (I am assuming that you are running some Linux OS): javascript curl...
    1 By ahmadzahalka5 Custom Images DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Can I use a vps for offensive tests please ?

    I was wondering if I set up a droplet for debian OS and then added couple repository to the apt source list. downloaded Kali OS to do offensive tests. Will it be tolerated by digital ocean ? can I do pentesting via a ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Generally this type of testing is ok as long as it's not detrimental to service in terms of negatively affecting others on the platform / your hypervisor. Our Security team at that point will take action on tha...
    2 By sim4n6 Custom Images
  • Question

    How do I upload and use a custom image if Windows images are not supported?

    When I upload a custom image in .raw format from my Windows PC to be used as an icon for my project I get an error, We don't support the format of your image. Please try again with a supported image format (raw, qco...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @thr333one, It sounds like you've got two rather different types of images confused here. The first, which I don't think you want based on "as an icon for my project", is a virtual machine image. These are wh...
    2 By thr333one Custom Images
  • Question

    Are the provided OS images server or desktop variants?

    I apologize if the answer is obvious, but I couldn't find any information about this. Are the provided operating systems images (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64, Fedora 32 x64, etc.) server versions or desktop versions of...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @Leviathan, The images are based on the server versions. You can also bring your own images in case that you have some specific requirements that the default images do not meet, for more information on how to...
    1 By Leviathan Custom Images Initial Server Setup
  • Question

    Create a pre-installed image for marketplace like Cloudways

    I have just switched from DigitalOcean to Cloudways due too their extremly fast recipe with Varnish + Apache + Nginx ( - and it increased my server by 300% d...
    Accepted Answer: We love big ideas! :) Thanks for sharing this feedback.
    1 By mattiasf Nginx Apache Caching WordPress Custom Images Automated Setups Initial Server Setup DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Server Optimization
  • Question

    Uploading A Cloud-enabled 3rd Party Custom Image from SolarWinds

    Purchased & received a .ZIP file containing image.MF, image.OVF & image.VMDK files from SolarWinds; it's a threat monitor collector (for the Cloud). These files are sized 241 bytes, 8K and 992MB uncompressed respectiv...
    Accepted Answer: The 100 GB limit for custom images applies to the virtual disk inside the image as well as the file size. For example, this vmdk file is only 5.7G: $ ls -lah debian-9.7.vmdk -rwx------ 1 asb lxd 5.7G Jan 26 19:32 deb...
    1 By doktor1360 Custom Images
  • Question

    Analogous solution for Centos 7?

    I usually follow guides meant for Ubunto or Debian for my Centos 7 machine. I'm working on cloning my physical centos 7 server and brining it into a Digital Ocean droplet. However, Centos does not allow to run the pac...
    1 By andersonRay DigitalOcean Solutions Ubuntu 18.04 Custom Images
  • Question

    How to pull down images to my newly created ubuntu Droplet?

    I'm about to publish my web application to the Droplet that I've created. My application requires postgreSql and redis so I created a yml file to pull down those image for services. unfortunately, my docker-co...
    1 By Canbrian DigitalOcean Droplets Custom Images Docker
  • Question

    Odd Image Loading Question - Images Return 403 After 1-2 Hours of Loading Fine. URL Expires?

    I have a django site that allows image uploads from the admin panel via summernote. These images are all stored in a Spaces folder. There are no problems uploading images. After uploading I can view the site and the ...
    0 By DrSpaceman Django DigitalOcean Spaces Custom Images
  • Question

    Create RHEL custom image with ifcfg-eth0 and subscription

    I'm creating the image locally on VMWare with ifcfg-eth0 configured and subscription configured as well. But when I'm importing that to DO images I can't see ifcfg-eth0 file [/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0]...
    1 By astingengo Custom Images
  • Question

    export Droplets

    Hi... How do I export an image or a snapshot of a Droplets from my account to my local PC for development and backup?
    1 By digitalstyle DigitalOcean Droplets Custom Images
  • Question

    Any way to leverage user data init scripts on top of a custom AMI?

    Hi, Wondering if it is possible to leverage the digital ocean droplet user_data field to run custom boot scripts on top of a pre-existing baseline snapshot. The thinking being, that for setting up remote developer e...
    0 By ryanbrink DigitalOcean Droplets Initial Server Setup Custom Images
  • Question

    Custom Images Status Pending

    I am uploading a KaliLinux2021.4.vdi to my Custom Images section in my control Panel, but as it seems that it is showing its status as Pending, I have been waiting for half an hour, the Image is uploaded on an other D...
    1 By wow444 Custom Images
  • Question

    Create a Custom Image via API

    Hello. When I try to import an image (vmdk disk) from VMWare cloud director via the API directly, I get an error "Your source URL is unreachable". At the same time, when I store the same vmdk disk in google cloud stor...
    1 By GeorgeApiExplorer API Custom Images Development DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Droplets