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    php artisan serve gives me PHP parse error , syntax error , unexpected '=' in Arr.php on line 388

    Debian 9 Apache 2 MariaDb PHP 7.0.33 installed composer installed laravel globally Attempted to update to PHP 7.2 by... sudo apt update sudo apt install php7.2 but get error unable to locate package the Arr.php file ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Indeed I believe that this is due to the PHP version, can you confirm your current PHP version? You could try following the steps here on how to install PHP 7.2 on Debain:
    1 By johnrobertkosanovic PHP LAMP Stack PHP Frameworks Debian 9
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    Can't schedule workloads after upgrade of Kubernetes from 1.12.7 to 1.12.8

    Fortunately I don't have mission critical services running on my cluster and now I likely never will be :) I have started the automatic upgrade process of my DO-managed Kubernetes cluster from 1.12.7 to 1.12.8. After ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, I’m the Engineering Manager on the Kubernetes team at DO and I wanted to follow-up on Ethan’s previous posts as we’ve continued to work through the resolution of this issue. A recent update to our auto-upgra...
    5 By nlochschmidt Kubernetes Debian 9
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    Debian 9.7 x64 apt update errors

    apt update Ign:1 stretch InRelease Ign:2 stretch-updates InRelease Ign:3 stretch-backports InRelease...
    Accepted Answer: This was caused by "Rebuild Droplet" Ubuntu to Debian. Clean new Debian Droplet did not have the same issue.
    2 By devcommio Initial Server Setup Debian 9
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    Got blocked out by the firewall and the web console doesn't help.

    I've followed the instruction here: for setting up a webserver. However, after setting up the firewall through nfw and logging out, I c...
    Accepted Answer: Is this one maybe something support can help you with (http:// Otherwise, you may be looking at a full rebuild.
    1 By southp0105 Logging Debian 9
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    Which offer to choose ?

    Hello, I currently have a debian server on which with all the services in place that takes 600MB of Ram. I own the $5 droplet. I would like to integrate Gitlab into my server, so I need to improve it. What is the best...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @aurl, I would say a normal 2GB droplet for $10/mo ( would be sufficient for your needs. Since Gitlab needs around 1GB RAM + swap as well and you got around 1GB of other apps, this wo...
    1 By aurl DigitalOcean Development Scaling Debian 9
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    What control do you have on a DO account with a droplet?

    Hi, I created a droplet for a friend (just for a few days, he want to test things). And I'm wondering, can he with his droplet "hack" my DO account? Or bill more than I want ? Thanks ! Penkie.
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! If you give someone else access to a droplet on your account, these are the things that they can do which should concern you: Exceed the allocated bandwidth, leading to additional billing Host content that ...
    1 By Penkie Security Debian 9
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    Debian 9 Nginx HTTPS not working (Let's Encrypt, Debian 9.6)

    Hi, I have followed this ( tutorial and I am having trouble getting SSL to work. Normal HTTP works fine, but when I ...
    Accepted Answer: Found my mistake (a dumb one)... The SSL port's destination ip was not my server's ip address. Fixed, thanks for all the help.
    2 By joshpw Security Let's Encrypt Nginx Debian 9
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    Can I publish my Droplet graphs publicly for visitors to see?

    Hi, I use the built-in Droplet graphs to keep track of my droplet's performance. I would like to be able to link my visitors to a page where they can see the graphs for themselves. Can I run some software on my drople...
    Accepted Answer: The exact data and graphs you see in the control panel are unfortunately not currently accessible via the API... However there is a very cool open source project called netdata: that...
    1 By fds DigitalOcean Logging Monitoring Debian 9
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    Cant connect with sftp

    At first everything worked, than i wanted to change home directory of user when connecting with sftp, i saw on net command usermod -d /var/www/ unstoppz after that i couldnt log anymore to sftp with that user , how...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Most likely /var/www is owned by www-data, or should be. When you changed the "unstoppz" user's home directory to that, it recognized that it had no permissions on it and that it couldn't load it's home di...
    1 By infernalx Linux Commands Debian 9
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    How to configure saml 2.0 in nginx server?

    How can I configure saml 2.0 in nginx, if I have only .cert file and .xml file? Below are my nginx server configuration 1. /etc/nginx/nginx.conf ``` user nginx; worker_processes auto; error_log /var/log/nginx/error...
    1 By dasdipak99 Nginx Node.js Debian 9
  • Question

    Stretch to buster: How to migrate to new "PERSISTENT NAMES" scheme for interfaces?

    While still supported by debian buster, the "PERSISTENT NAMES" scheme will be dropped off in the future and the "predictable names" scheme will be taken into use. Is there anything DigitalOcean virtualization related...
    0 By ari1bc039eceb9b65426181d74 Debian 10 Debian 9 Debian Networking
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    Debian machine with "jessie-backports" no longer have release file

    Today I get this message when trying to run apt update on my Debian: Hit:1 stretch/updates InRelease Ign:2 stretch InRelease Hit:3 http://mirrors.digi...
    5 By matthieuscarset DigitalOcean Debian 9
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    Droplet name is in the Mail From instead of domain name. Mailname file seems to be ignored.

    I installed postfix following this tutorial. However, I had to edit the first line of the m...
    4 By johnrobertkosanovic Email Debian 9
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    443 port closed with vestacp, why?

    I have VestaCP and Debian 9 just installed. I have installed ufw and opened port 443. In VestaCP> Firewall I have verified that it is open I have added port 443 to iptables sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 -...
    1 By daniellucia Debian 9 Apache Nginx
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    How do I connect a USB port to a droplet/vm?

    I am attempting to connect a mobile phone running Android to my Debian 9 droplet for debugging. My host is a Mac running Mojave 10.14.6, and it has two USB ports. When I run adb devices, I get an empty list (see this ...
    2 By zeesy Debian 9 DigitalOcean Development Linux Commands System Tools
  • Question

    Fast & Easy Tutorial - Setup Teamspeak Server on Debian 9.7

    Two years ago, someone asked me to write a tutorial about how to setup a teamspeak server on Ubuntu 15.04. Since then I have been maintaining tutorials on DO for setting up Teamspeak servers. This tutorial will be for...
    1 By JustSomeTech Getting Started Deployment Open Source Debian 9
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    DO-Agent: The repository 'main Release' does no longer have a Release file.

    I get this email every day. ``` Subject: Cron root@private test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily ) /etc/cron.daily/do-agent: E: The repository 'https://repos.insights.digitalocean.c...
    4 By DennisRas DigitalOcean Debian Debian 9
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    How to solve MariaDB memory issue

    Hello, Suddenly, MariaDB stopped working and was unable to start. The logs reffer to some memory issue related to InnoDB. After several hours trying to solve it reading some forums and sources of information, the mys...
    4 By etr MariaDB Debian 9
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    Can't start mysql

    I can't start mysql since I resize to droplet root@ohmygodzilla:~# systemctl status mariadb.service ● mariadb.service - MariaDB database server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mariadb.service; enabled; vendor p...
    2 By puarns MySQL Debian 9
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    Problem debian 9 update

    Hello, I have a problem there is his 3 days I reinitialize my droplet because of a problem and when I'm on it for the first time I try to update it but when I made the order "apt update" or "apt-get update" I get this...
    3 By SadYhugz System Tools Debian 9