Tools and tips for users as they deploy applications to a server, a process that includes installation, activation, and update automation.

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    Application management platform
    By chingis CMS Deployment Applications Control Panels One-Click Install Apps
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    Buddy — One-click delivery automation for web developers

    Docker-based CI server with auto-deployment tools for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
    By BuddyWorks Deployment Applications Git Configuration Management API
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    Elastic Beanstalk like deployments for DigitalOcean
    By mitjafelicijan Deployment Automated Setups
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    Secure server and website management made easy
    By fjros Control Panels Server Optimization Deployment Applications One-Click Install Apps
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    Cipi is an Open Source powerful control panel for your cloud servers that lets you to quickly deploy awesome and secure LAMP environments with Digital
    By andreapollastri Deployment Configuration Management Automated Setups Initial Server Setup Control Panels
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    DigitalOcean VPN Setup

    Automatically creates and configures a VPN server on a DigitalOcean droplet.
    By carlfriess Deployment Networking VPN Ubuntu
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    OpenVPN Server Deployer

    One-Click Deployment of a personal OpenVPN Server.
    By jdmarhee Deployment VPN Ubuntu
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    DeployPlace is an automated deployment tool for easy deployment of complex applications to your serv
    By nazaratamaniuk Deployment Configuration Management Server Optimization CI/CD
  • Tool - Server Management Panel is Server Management platform where you can manage websites, SSH User, Firewall, etc.
    By iatpatelishan One-Click Install Apps Control Panels Applications Deployment
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    Nanobox is a dev platform that replaces DevOps and automates code deployment to DigitalOcean.
    By richardrobbins Deployment Scaling Server Optimization Applications API
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    VPSrobots: Panel for Easy Creation and Management of DigitalOcean Droplets

    A one-stop hosting control panel for easy creation and management of DigitalOcean droplets.
    By VPSrobots Control Panels Applications One-Click Install Apps Deployment API
  • Tool

    ClusterCS by Soft Dreams

    ClusterCS is a web-server control panel focused on Website Speed Optimization, High Availability Traffic, and DevOps support
    By ClusterCS API Control Panels Clustering Container Deployment
  • Tool

    In three clicks, deploy and manage a Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean.
    By stackpointcloud Docker Deployment CoreOS
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    Pay for DigitalOcean servers with cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum + more!
    By alan3acbe9638f59f2fa951439 Deployment DigitalOcean Applications One-Click Install Apps Quickstart
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    OpsCaptain (Heroku alternative on your droplet)

    Deploy and manage apps (written in any language) and databases on your droplet. Starts at free!
    By OpsCaptain Deployment Docker Applications Automated Setups
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    ServePHP will help you in Creating, Provisioning and Managing Server & Applications for PHP
    By livelyworks Automated Setups Deployment Applications Control Panels
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    DISTRIBOOTED : The App Store for The Cloud

    DISTRIBOOTED is The App Store for the Cloud - One-Click Deployment of over 35 Applications to DO.
    By distribooted One-Click Install Apps Applications Monitoring Deployment Ubuntu
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    AgiusCloud - Server Management Panel

    AgiusCloud is an Optimized Management Panel where you can manage Clouds, Servers and Applications.
    By agiuscloud Applications Control Panels Deployment API
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    Create a DigitalOcean Firewall that only accepts inbound connections from Cloudflare
    By asb DigitalOcean Load Balancing Deployment
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    ActOnCloud helps you to provision, govern, optimise and autoscale your application on any cloud.
    By madanganesh Control Panels Deployment Scaling API Security