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      build.cmd for Deploying Python to Functions

      When trying to deploy the sample python application “digitalocean/sample-functions-python-jokes” to Functions on a Windows workstation, doctl looking for a build.cmd. Is there a sample build.cmd to installation depend...
      No answers yet1 day agoBy Horace YipDigitalOcean FunctionsPython
    • Question

      Do external calls from functions have a static IP? (or can they?)

      We have an external API that requires white-listing from a third-party we don’t have control over. They require that requests to it are white-listed. Do external calls from functions have a static IP, or does the IP c...
      1 answer1 day agoBy Dan InsleyDigitalOcean FunctionsNetworking
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      How to run a nodeJS script with depencencies in Functions ?

      I want to run a simple nodeJS script as a function in DO Functions.But the nodeJS requires one or more dependencies which need to be stored in node_modules. How do we run a nodeJS script that way ? I mean, we would ne...
      Accepted Answer: Hi there, You can still have your dependencies defined in a package.json file as normal. The platform will detect the file and will install those dependencies as normal. You don’t have to commit the node_modules direc...
      1 answer5 days agoBy Anjanesh LekshminarayananDigitalOcean Functions
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      Is there a way to trigger a Function when a file is uploaded to a Space?

      My application is uploading files to a DigitalOcean Space. I have a function I want to run to unzip some of those files and move them to another Space. Is there a way to evoke a function whenever an upload to the firs...
      1 answer8 days agoBy 99c59ae1b3f9-4fdc-ba80-f8f9abDigitalOcean FunctionsDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Question

      How can I import a database from a node project? I really didnt find anything about it.

      2022-06-13T20:26:47.398754081Z stdout: Error: Cannot find module ‘…/…/…/…/…/dist/config/index.js’2022-06-13T20:26:47.398829183Z stdout: Require stack:2022-06-13T20:26:47.398836892Z stdout: - /tmp/j1hWk7uO/database/pri...
      No answers yet10 days agoBy Henrique CostaDigitalOcean FunctionsNode.js
    • Question

      FFMPEG on DO Functions

      Is it possible to run FFMPEG on DO functions? We are looking to write a function to capture frame from a remote video on the fly via an API call. i.e run ffmpeg -ss time -i “url ” -vframes 1 -f image2pipe - Any sugges...
      No answers yet11 days agoBy shubkansalDigitalOcean Functions
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      Is there an egress charge for Functions?

      Hey, On the Functions pricing page ( ) it states Functions components in App Platform otherwise follow App Platform pricing, including bandwidth. I’m no...
      1 answer11 days agoBy Daniel WalshDigitalOcean Functions
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      How to set cookies with digitalocean functions?

      How to insert Set-Cookie header into function response headers?
      No answers yet18 days agoBy Igor4erDigitalOcean FunctionsPython
    • Question

      5 seconds function limit is not enough for image manipulation

      Limiting function with top limits of 5 seconds & 1024MB memory still not enough for high res image manipulation.Any plan for higher limits on for those ?
      2 answers19 days agoBy adi38980d0d4d8537081134c00DigitalOcean Functions
    • Question

      No environment variables in functions?

      I was trying to discover digitalocean functions but could not find a viable solution to use environment variables in functions. It there a way to do it?
      1 answer22 days agoBy LittleBlueClamDigitalOcean Functions
    • Question

      In Functions, how can I know the http method?

      I’m using Python to develop a API Restful and I want diferents behaviors for each http method. How can I know the http method?
      1 answer24 days agoBy Salomão PrestupaDigitalOcean FunctionsPython
    • Question

      Line limit to a PHP function ?

      Is there some limit on number of lines to a single PHP function ?Because there’s 0 errors in my localhost and all works fine.But code past line 2598 is not getting saved. And the DO Functions console shows 2 more blan...
      Accepted Answer: This was a UI text editor limit which we’ve since relaxed. Thanks for the bug report.
      2 answers30 days agoBy Anjanesh LekshminarayananDigitalOcean Functions
    • Question

      Good use-case for a Function ?

      I have a standalone PHP script which is 192K (~3500 lines) that takes an array as user input and returns an huge array of numerous calculations that exists in an XLSX file which I mapped one-by-one in PHP code. Does t...
      Accepted Answer: You can use a DBaaS instance for the database with your function. We have a couple of examples see here and another example
      2 answers30 days agoBy Anjanesh LekshminarayananDigitalOcean Functions
    • Question

      Functions: how to access request info / return other response types

      Unfortunately the functions docs are very, very superficial and neither contain any information on how to access the incoming request (e.g. HTTP headers, source IP, etc.) nor on how to return anything else than text r...
      2 answers30 days agoBy ulopeDigitalOcean Functions
    • Question

      digitalocean functions - is it possible using sharp.js for image processing using functions?

      While this is using a library for the image processing I am not sure this is possible.Please your advise
      1 answer30 days agoBy adi38980d0d4d8537081134c00DigitalOcean FunctionsNode.js
    • Question

      New functions features: Access to the managed database?

      Will it be able at some point to connect to the managed database instance through DO functions? That would make my life a lot easier to migrate to functions.
      1 answer30 days agoBy stefanSharkDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseDigitalOcean Functions