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    Why is reverse proxy is not working with nginx?

    I have spun up a Fedora box, and am running a golang server at port 8080. I am trying to setup nginx reverse proxy on that application so that I can access it through port 80. If you want to skip reading the whole que...
    Accepted Answer: bash setsebool httpd_can_network_connect on -P Please follow more information https://stackoverflow.com/a/24830777/9848490
    1 By sntshkmr60 Nginx Go Deployment Fedora CentOS
  • Question

    What will happen after EOL of CoreOS?

    Hi, since our company is currently relying heavily on CoreOS and the EOL will come next week, I wanted to know what will happen further on, how far has the implementation of the successor "Fedora CoreOS" on your side ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @zomilanovic, Once CoreOS Container Linux has reached its end of life, we will only allow creates via the API for a 30 day period after which we will effectively “retire” the image. If you will need to create a Dro...
    1 By zomilanovic CoreOS Container Fedora
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    Non root user unable to login with ssh key

    I have had several droplets in the past and not had this problem before. I have copied an existing ssh key to a new droplet (Fedora 31) and am able to login via ssh key without issue with root. When I copy another key...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @pashioz, Let's first being with the usual stuff, I know you mentioned you've actually checked the permissions and other stuff like that but let me post how they should be just in case: Your home directory ~, your...
    1 By pashioz Security Fedora
  • Question

    Erro when run "docker run"

    docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: containerlinux.go:345: starting container process caused "processlinux.go:430: container init caused \"write /proc/self/attr/keycreate: permission denied\...
    Accepted Answer: It sounds like it might be selinux that's causing the problem for you. Check this guide here: http://jaormx.github.io/2018/selinux-and-docker-notes/ Also what is the exact docker run command that you are using?
    1 By klayrocha531f2ed4e2d5ff406 Fedora
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    Error "vcmi_device_t is not defined" in SELinux when Adding a New Port for SSH

    A few months ago I created a Fedora 25 droplet and changed my SSH port. Obviously, I had to allow it through selinux and firewalld. This is the command I ran as root: semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp [nonstandar...
    Accepted Answer: Finally found a fix by restoring all the contexts: touch /.autorelabel reboot
    1 By programguy Fedora Security
  • Question

    Upgrading Fedora release of a Droplet

    I have multiple droplets running an old version (F27) of Fedora. For my non-cloud (e.g., my own laptop and home servers) systems, I just run through the upgrade-in-place mechanism (fedup-that-was) after making a back...
    1 By GenghisKen DigitalOcean Fedora
  • Question

    How frequently are default droplet images updated (Fedora 31)?

    Hi, Fedora 31 was released on the 29th of October but is not yet available as an option for droplet creation. I appreciate Fedora have a fairly frequent update pattern of six monthly updates and it's not always easy t...
    0 By Veevoh Fedora
  • Question

    Problem with Fedora Custom Images

    Created a Fedora 28 image using Packer/Virtualbox for upload as a custom image. Upload completes sucessfully, but when starting a droplet the instance hangs with console message "A start job is running for dev-disk ....
    0 By JimLe621 Fedora Custom Images
  • Question

    Site not working after maintenance reboot

    DO announced maintenance reboots to all servers affecting FRA1 which i'm hosted because of spectre and meltdown vulnerabilities. After this action, my website is down and cannot access it via ftp or ssh or ping it's i...
    2 By zarakoinos Fedora
  • Question

    unable to create a file in php

    Fedora 23 x64 php 5.6.17 Permissions are as open as I know how to make them (777). Yes, I know this isn't safe. Once I figure out the problem, I will make them safe. ``` ls -lhd /srv/www/html/sigs/ drwxrwsrwx. 2 root ...
    3 By nwahylarep LAMP Stack Fedora PHP
  • Question

    How to mount space into droplet or mayb into swarm instances?

    Hi, couple of month ago i have mount space into droplet successfully... but yesterday i tried it using same step but it fail to mount, showing error "Must specify the bucket= mount option"... i have submit a issue to ...
    2 By chengjk Docker Object Storage Fedora
  • Question

    Tomcat 8 not working on Centos/Fedora

    Hi. I'm having trouble making work Apache Tomcat on Centos & Fedora. Y just dowloaded it from the official site the file apache-tomcat-8.5.24.tar.gz & untar-ed it I also downloaded the official JAVA jre-8u161-linux-x...
    1 By marscarda Apache Java Fedora
  • Question

    error 404 Not Found to symlink

    created a symlink like this from Hdd To SSD ln -s /run/media/alireza/hdd/public_html/ . error log : 2017/01/20 05:29:22 [crit] 19206#0: *1 stat() "/home/alireza/public_html/" failed (13: Permission denied), client:...
    1 By vistacali Fedora Nginx
  • Question

    php function file_put_contents always return false

    hi, i have a strange problem, my droplet is fedora and i have set 777 permision to all my folders inside document root apache. ive installed prestashop, i and receive the following error. "recursive write permisions f...
    1 By guerreroglez Apache PHP Fedora Debian
  • Question

    Fedora 26 Server: Node.js app hangs forever when not launched directly

    I've tried to launch a Node.js app either with systemd or cron both with unprivileged and privileged accounts but it seems that the only way to get it work is with node app.js or whatevermonitoringpackage app.js. I'm ...
    1 By Gabriele Romanato Fedora Node.js CentOS
  • Question

    connection timeout on node.js app on Fedora

    Hi, I am running my MEAN stack on a new Fedora droplet. I seem to have the same problem as described in https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/connection-timeout-on-node-js-app. The interesting thing is tha...
    3 By bschoss Fedora Node.js Arch Linux
  • Question

    On my server reboot, all the modification apported on my configuration file apache.conf will not be take. How i can resolve this problem?

    Hello, Before reboot, i have below configuration in "apache.conf" file for example: ``` LoadModule statusmodule modules/modstatus.so LoadModule cgimodule modules/modcgi.so LoadModule cgidmodule modules/modcgid.so ```...
    1 By manekol22 Fedora DigitalOcean CentOS Arch Linux
  • Question

    Installing Apache with Shellscript

    Hi, I am new scripting . I want install Apache server using scripting in fedora. Give me instruction and scripting for this Thanks
    1 By prabhurenga Apache Fedora CentOS Ubuntu
  • Question

    Where are all the man pages ?

    I am a person who needs access to all the man pages including man pages for: ping nmcli systemctl lvs pvs I use Centos 7.2
    2 By timfox123 Fedora
  • Question

    Best way to update droplet from Fedora 23 to 24?

    I just created a droplet with Fedora 24 on it. I have three older droplets with Fedora 23 on them. What is the best way to update the older ones to 24 as well? These are the two approaches I can come up with: Create...
    2 By wbeek Fedora Configuration Management