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  • Tech talk

    Deploying to DigitalOcean With GitHub Actions

    Get tips to simplify your workflow using GitHub Actions and DigitialOcean's APIs, and watch a demo of running a CI/CD pipeline to deploy on DigitalOcean.
    By Karan MV deploy 2020 Tech Talks GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Creating a local environment from an existing droplet?

    I have a custom site running on an Ubuntu LAMP 16.04 droplet. The site is built with PHP and has entries in a SQL database. What's the best way to clone this droplet as-is (SQL database and all) and run it locally? On...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, It would depend on what OS you are using on your local environment. For example, if you have a Windows PC, you could install the WAMP stack which would allow you to have Apache/PHP/MySQL on your laptop. If you ...
    1 By gregbarbosa Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP Stack PHP SQL Git GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Can't npm install GitHub Repository - Get error Permission denied (publickey).

    Hi Everyone! I have been trying to figure out how to successfully install an npm package hosted on my Github account. It works locally on my mac but not from my Digital Ocean Droplet. Here are the guides I have loo...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @avansardar, As discussed below, the fix was to upgrade the Node version from v10.x to v14.x as per this tutorial here (
    1 By avansardar GitHub Actions Git
  • Question

    Multiple docker-compose.yml files

    Hi, I'm getting ready to launch my first dockerized app on Digital Ocean, automated through git. As part of the process, git runs my automated tests. However, this will wipe out my database. Is there a way to speci...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Yes, it should be ok to have multiple docker-compose files in the same directory. When running the docker-compose command, you would need to specify the file with the -f flag and also specify a name of your ...
    1 By adapt Docker Git GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Does Digital Ocean have something similar to Heroku Pipelines? (creating a link & new build per PR)

    A company I work for is using Heroku Pipelines (, and we want to switch hosts due to all issues we've been having with this "managed host". If there is an easy built-in ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @patrickShark, One option would be to use the new DigitalOcean App Platform ( All you need to do to get it working is to link your GitHub account, specify your...
    1 By patrickShark CI/CD GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Automatic Deployment on Git: where to put .env

    Hi, I'm just getting my feet wet with Docker, and automatic deployment to Digital Ocean from git. What are best practices to deal with the .env file? In particular, my repo is public but I'd like to keep the .env fi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Indeed your secrets should not be checked into Git. What you could do instead is add your passwords as secrets in GitHub. That way they will be stored securely and no one will have access to them. Here are 2...
    1 By adapt Laravel GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Can't ping google, install package and clone source code from github

    When I pinged google, I saw: "unknown host" When I clone the source, I saw: "can't access to github" When I install package, I saw: "Fail to fetch ..."
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @nguyencules What happens when you execute ifconfig -a can you see the eth0 interface listed? If this one is not present then we will need to sort this out. I know that sometimes some packages can be uninstall...
    4 By nguyencules Linux Commands GitHub Actions Arch Linux
  • Question

    Github App permission requirements

    Hi all, I am new to DigitalOcean and trying to deploy my very first website using the Apps platform. When I tried to connect DO with my Github organization, I got confused by the requirements. Is there any documentati...
    Accepted Answer: I just went through the process and after I authorized the application I got an email from Github saying I gave permission for DO to read my email addresses...
    1 By adamtroll GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Moving from pgsql dev database to managed mysql database - App platform

    Hey everyone, will I be able to move from my current dev database for my app platform (a pgsql database) to a managed mysql one? I deleted the dev one and then I added a managed mysql one but when I run php artisan mi...
    1 By captainabofficial Laravel Git Deployment Building on DigitalOcean Development DigitalOcean GitHub Actions Databases
  • Question

    Issues on GitHub action to Digitalocean server

    I am having an issue pushing the file from GitHub to Digitalocean. I have already created a server along with react.js and PostgreSQL being utilised in the server. When I push the file from GitHub to Digitalocean it s...
    0 By syedridhwan96 GitHub Actions React
  • Question

    unauthorized: authentication required for docker compose with doctl

    i use this sentence with my github action: ``` - name: Install doctl uses: digitalocean/action-doctl@v2.1.0 with: token: ${{ secrets.DIGITALOCEANACCESSTOKEN }} name: Log in to DigitalOcean Container Registry run...
    1 By KonstantinKlepikov GitHub Actions DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl) Docker
  • Question

    Github Action to deploy Docker Image from Github Packages

    I am coming from Heroku and want to get used to Docker and learn more about DevOps. So I informed myself about Github Actions and Github Packages. Now I am searching for a starting point for my problem as I want to de...
    2 By nixn Docker GitHub Actions DigitalOcean Droplets Node.js
  • Question

    How to add my .env variables on Droplet

    I created my droplet, installed node and deployed my app from GitHub. I have some variables in .env file. How can I add those variables in DO Droplet. Without them, my app won't run. Thank you
    1 By Emmaueljbabatunde Node.js GitHub Actions TypeScript
  • Question

    webhooks github to strapi

    Hey, I've been following a tutorial for deploying Strapi on Digital Ocean and I've got to the point of trying to make the GitHub action:
    2 By yedroj92 Nginx GitHub Actions DigitalOcean Droplets Strapi
  • Tool


    GitOps for DigitalOcean.
    By nolancon Git GitHub Actions Development Go CI/CD
  • Question

    Moving a project from Droplet to Apps (with existing db and uploaded image files)

    Hi, I have a RubyonRails website running on Droplet for a few years now. I have a vast poster db and image files. It is deployed from Github via mina deploy. I'm not very technical person when it comes to server setup...
    1 By designo Ruby Ruby on Rails DigitalOcean Droplets DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace PostgreSQL GitHub Actions
  • Question

    How to deploy ExpressJS server to app platform from subdirectory

    Hi, we have an existing project that we'd like to migrate from Heroku to DO using the App Platform. The project currently lives in a 'monorepo' consisting primarily of an ExpressJS app, as well as a handful of VueJS S...
    1 By AdorableTurquoiseKelp Vue.js Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform GitHub Actions
  • Question

    Idea of Development, Staging and Production environments and steps with Github Actions

    I would like prepare my old project to work wiith separate environments, e.g. for Development, Staging and Productions. I would like hear about your experience or listen your suggestion. Project is hosted on Github an...
    0 By kicaj Docker DigitalOcean Droplets Development GitHub Actions Git
  • Question

    Best practice for deployments to droplets

    Hi guys, I would like some advice on 'best practice' for deploying projects to a DigitalOcean Droplet. I have a number of hobby projects that are compiled with Docker, either webpages built with Node.js or python API'...
    1 By quinnhornblow Docker Ubuntu Git GitHub Actions Node.js Python Nginx MongoDB Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    github action docker database migration fail

    I am trying to build CI/CD environment using github action. Below script helps me to build the docker image, but returning an error django.db.utils.OperationalError: could not connect to server: Operation timed out ...
    0 By sweforever92 DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Docker GitHub Actions