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    Does a droplet’s ip ever change while in use?

    I would like to allow users to connect to Kubernetes droplets and stay connected over a droplet’s public ip.
    Accepted Answer: No, Actually Droplet IP never change itself. If you want to change and using load balancer you can reassign the public ip interfaces but that is again manual. If you are not using load balancer the public IP once assi...
    2 By 314brett Kubernetes IPv6 Node.js
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    How to connect two NodeJS backend pods in kubernetes using axios

    Hi, I would like to connect two backend pods with axios For each pod I have a deployment.yaml file and a cluster-ip-service.yaml file. One of the pod need to get data from the other pod via axios. I use Ingress for t...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, I have finally resolved the issue. By doing that it was showing me an EINVAL error. I had to put http before Thank you !
    2 By cheikhseck980 Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    How to configure DO Load Balancer via doctl/Kubernetes

    I have manually (via web-based Control Panel) set SSL termination and SSL redirect on my Kubernetes' managed DO Load Balancer (which is managing my SSL cert). Unfortunately whenever there is a patch or I reconfigure n...
    Accepted Answer: Hey, All loadbalancers provisioned by Kubernetes are managed by the Cloud Controller Manager(CCM) running on the master. Any manual modifications to the LB through the cloud panel will be overwritten by the CCM during...
    1 By GubbaBump Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    pod didn't trigger scale-up (it wouldn't fit if a new node is added)

    Autoscaling worked fine (kubernetes added new 1cpu/2gbRAM droplet/node to cluster automatically) when i started a kubernetes Job with requested memory: "800Mi", parallelism: 2 but when i tried to start a job with req...
    Accepted Answer: The autoscaling task adds nodes to the pool that requires additional compute/memory resources. The node type is determined by the pool the settings and not by the autoscaling rules. From this, you can see that you nee...
    2 By wika Kubernetes
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    How to reuse DO LoadBalancer previously created through Kubernetes?

    Hi, when creating a Kubernetes cluster and using a load balancer to host any public service, its easy to imagine that there would be anything going terribly wrong with the cluster. In that case I would like to create ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi Dennis, Thanks for your question. I'm Tyler, the product manager for our Load Balancer product. At this point in time, it's not possible to re-use an existing LB. It has to be generated as a new LB in order to get ...
    10 By dennisstr Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    Using DO k8s container registry: authentication required

    I am trying to use registry.digitalocean.com for my k8s images. I've created an image, tagged it, logged into the registry successfully (using doctl registry login) then pushed the image to the registry. However, when...
    Accepted Answer: I had missed out a couple of steps in the guide DigitalOcean Container Registry Quickstart (https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/images/container-registry/quickstart/) specifically the steps: ``` Use the kubernetes-manif...
    1 By colinjohnriddell Kubernetes DigitalOcean
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    Attach Kubernetes cluster to project

    Is there any way to create a k8s cluster inside a newly created project, or to assign it, after-the-fact, to one of the existing projects, with Terraform, doctl or another tool? I am currently writing a Terraform pro...
    Accepted Answer: You can see the DOKS documentation calls out a bit of a lack of support here, but provides a workaround:https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/kubernetes/#limits The control panel does not support assigning a cluster to a ...
    1 By servicesShrimp Kubernetes Terraform DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)
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    Can I configure DO kubernetes on my DO server?

    I have setup a DO server and a Kubernetes.I have kubectl and doctl downloaded and the config file in in place. However, when I try: kubectl cluster-info I always get an error stating that connection to localhost:8080 ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @RSrsRsrS, Yes, this is doable, I have the same setup at my end as well. You could either use the doctl command to save your Kubernetes configuration file: command doctl kubernetes cluster kubeconfig save <^>...
    1 By RSrsRsrS Kubernetes
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    What's the difference between Disk and Block Storage

    So I'm setting up a cluster on DOKS and I see that I have a total cluster capacity of 180 GB Disk Capacity, however, underneath my monthly projected cost I see this message: "This price does not include load balancer ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @ominibyte, There is actually a difference, the block storage is used for Persistent Volume Claims, you can take a look at the documentation on how to do that: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/kubernetes/how...
    2 By ominibyte DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes Block Storage
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    What are the benefits of having cert-manager configured in k8s cluster comparing to SSL-termination configured on LoadBalancer?

    I'm configuring HTTPS for a website running in k8s cluster. For that I used the instructions from How To Set Up an Nginx Ingress on DigitalOcean Kubernetes Using Helm (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/...
    Accepted Answer: Answering my own question: According to the article How to Configure Advanced Load Balancer Settings in Kubernetes Clusters (https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/kubernetes/how-to/configure-load-balancers/), I'm not supp...
    1 By muradx Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    How to update DO Kubernetes Marketplace Applications

    Let's say we're installing for example NGINX Ingress Controller from the DO marketplace. Is this a one-time process that runs after clicking install or can we also update by clicking this again in the future if new ve...
    Accepted Answer: Hi we have started deploying some apps with helm 3 for example https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/kube-state-metrics If you scroll down you can see instructions for updating deployments.
    2 By thc Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    Unfortunately, the EPUB is rejected by Google Books

    Recently @henrikWhale reported that the DigitalOcean eBook: Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/books/digitalocean-ebook-kubernetes-for-full-stack-developers) EPUB is being rej...
    Accepted Answer: For more information about the Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers eBook you can visit the book page here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/books/digitalocean-ebook-kubernetes-for-full-stack-developers Hope tha...
    2 By bobbyiliev Kubernetes Books
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    How do I set DNS records for Kubernetes with a load balancer?

    I am using Helm to create a Kubernetes deployment. In front of this, there is a load balancer and an ingress server - see below for an abridged version of helm status auth ``` ==> v1/Service NAME TYPE ...
    Accepted Answer: I've sort of moved away from this now. Rather than managing my own ingress, I've wired it up with GitLab and let them manage my ingress. If I'd wanted to do this as my own ingress, I would need nginx-ingress controlle...
    2 By simon5396a2eb73fd67c2ed154 Kubernetes Load Balancing DNS DigitalOcean
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    Multiple cluster kubernetes digitalocean

    Hi there, can we have multi cluster in the same account ?
    Accepted Answer: Yes you should be able to create more Kubernetes clusters using the green create button in the top right of the control panel.
    1 By projecthabit21 Kubernetes
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    All pods scheduled on a single node. How do I balance pods on managed Kubernetes?

    I have a managed Kubernetes cluster with 2 nodes and around 50 deployments/pods. However, all 50 pods are scheduled on a single node while the other node is completely empty. How do I get the scheduler to schedule new...
    Accepted Answer: Try using podAntiAffinity or podAffinity in your deployment
    6 By digitaloceanuser2 Kubernetes
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    Private docker registry

    Hi there, I just got access to the new kubernetes cluster feature. I was wondering about how to access a private docker registry? Thanks, M
    Accepted Answer: I've done this with Gitlab as my Docker registry. Create a secret of type docker-registry: kubectl create secret docker-registry gitlab-registry --docker-email="EMAIL" --docker-username="USERNAME" --docker-server="ht...
    4 By teo2k Kubernetes
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    How do you clone a PersistentVolumeClaim in Kubernetes ?

    Hello all ! According to Kubernetes official documentation (https://kubernetes.io/fr/docs/concepts/storage/persistent-volumes/#clonage-de-volume), it's possible to clone a PVC from another PVC. yaml apiVersion: v1 kin...
    Accepted Answer: Thanks @jkwiatkoski ! I will use this solution.
    2 By mikambooCrab Kubernetes Storage
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    How to connect Gitlab project to Kubernetes cluster?

    I want to connect my Gitlab project with a Kubernetes cluster. Basically I want to try to create my first CI/CD pipeline.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, With GitLab this is quite straight forward to do. Prerequisites: Deploy a K8s cluster on DigitalOcean. If you do not have that already, here's how to do it: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/kubernetes/how-to/c...
    4 By bitmap Kubernetes Git Development
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    General: autoscaling & security

    Hi, I am very much new to kubernetes and trialing out the DO managed kubernetes product and have some questions that i need help with - struggling to find clear guides/docs describing the following: Autoscaling * What...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Yes there is a difference between the two. The first command kubectl autoscale automatically scales out your pod replicas of a given deployment. The second command automatically scales out the number of node...
    1 By nathanfloor Kubernetes
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    Does scaling down deployments help saving on billing?

    Does scale down deployments outside business hours help saving on billing?
    Accepted Answer: It depends on what you're scaling down. As @bobbyiliev said, if you're reducing the number of nodes in your cluster, that will but down your bill. But if you're just reducing the number of replicas of your deployment ...
    3 By xenon90 Kubernetes