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    CloudStick is a highly advanced, robust server control panel, plotted with enhanced security aspects specially crafted for your Web Applications.
    By CloudStick Control Panels LAMP Stack LEMP Ubuntu Server Optimization
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    Cipi Control Panel (Open Source)

    With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS.
    By andreapollastri Configuration Management Automated Setups Control Panels LEMP Server Optimization
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    WP Publisher

    A desktop app which helps speed up wordpress development and deployment on digitalocean servers
    By vivithemage LEMP WordPress DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace PHP Python
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    A bootstrapper for (DigitalOcean) Ubuntu-Nginx-CertBot-WordPress-Environment.
    By benqzq Linux Commands Nginx LEMP Scaling WordPress