Messaging involves the exchange of certain data between processes, applications, and servers (both virtual and physical). These messages can consist of anything from plain text messages to blobs of binary data and serve to address a variety of different needs.

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    How to setup a Mosquitto MQTT Server and receive data from OwnTracks

    Mosquitto ( is an open-source message broker service that uses the MQTT ( protocol to send and receive messages, typically with IOT (Internet of Things) devices. OwnTracks (http:...
    8 By rufio Messaging Ubuntu
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    How Do I Connect PHP Email Script to Postfix?

    I have a VPS where I've installed my site files, including the PHP email script that uses the php mail() function inside of the following directory (how my site directory/path is set up): /var/www/ ...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email PHP Ubuntu 18.04 Messaging
  • Question

    Working with TheTexting SMS API

    Hi, I just had a quick question for anyone who might have experience with this using a Digital Ocean Droplet. I am a student trying to use the TheTexting SMS API from my droplet to send SMS messages. If you are not fa...
    1 By StellaCarter API Messaging
  • Question

    forward emails to non existing accounts to one central one in Postfix

    Hey guys, I have a (Linux) server running with Postfix as an email server. When registering to a new site I do not want to use a single mail twice so when my email gets leaked by a security breach at any site only thi...
    1 By ThoreTheWookie Messaging Email Security Solutions Initial Server Setup
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    Use Postfix instead of Sendmail?

    I have Sendmail installed for relaying web site emails to Google Apps and have been having random problems very often. If I wish to replace it with Postfix, how do I ensure that Sendmail stops permanently and doesn't ...
    1 By cloudnine Messaging Ubuntu
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    How to open port in Nodejs Ubuntu Server for SSL?

    I am making chatbot. Need 2 ssl port. Default 443 is occupied for some secure background processes of server. Need to assign another 444 port to ssl for client interaction portal. How to open this port and assign to w...
    2 By karantaneja API Messaging Node.js Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Mail Server Can't Receive Email But Can Send Email - Postfix, Dovecot, Postgresql

    I have server where I want to set up a mail server to let me receive and send email from my domain. I'm currently having a problem where while I am can not receive mails. Sending emails works perfect. I'm going off of...
    1 By speamy Messaging PostgreSQL Networking
  • Question

    i have buy 5 $ and my account is under view when you think he will right to use because i have wait many time

    i have created my account and pay 5 $ but nothing the message say on my account your account is under view but when he will check
    1 By moistyjayson Messaging
  • Question

    Can't Send Emails Using Both Postfix & Sendmail On Debian-9-64bit Fresh Droplet

    There's a problem with either the DigitalOcean firewalls or something similar. Can't send emails using both Postfix and Sendmail. I've put no firewalls in place. All ports open, but still can't send. Please fix ASAP. ...
    1 By praneethcodes Email Applications Conceptual DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Firewall Messaging Debian
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    This is a test question

    This is a simple test question. Please ignore :)
    3 By sbeckstrand Messaging
  • Question

    Should i have multiple droplets for a large flask application. One for mysql, another for the app, another for rabbitmq etc

    Currently i have an setup in a simple 5 dollar droplet. later on i would like to celery to it with redis or rabbitmq. should i have celery running on a different droplet?
    0 By pamfilaki Python Messaging Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    How to make eJabberd XMPP Server work? (in droplet with nginx/php/maridb/tls already running)

    I already have a droplet running Nginx/Php/Maridb with TLS(https). It works just fine. Then i tried to install eJabberd XMPP Server in the same droplet using this tutorial:
    0 By MrCruz Development Nginx MariaDB Messaging PHP Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    How To Setup Ubuntu Server to Send Emails

    I have several domains hosted by GoDaddy. I used to have a server setup with VestaCP and it was emailing from using an MTA and somehow configured itself to do it without me doing anything. I hav...
    0 By xXsoulshockerXx Email Monitoring Messaging System Tools LAMP Stack Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Has anyone managed to get a beanstalk admin console to work?

    I have been trying to get an admin interface working for beanstalk on my Ubuntu 16.04 server. The one I chose was which is the most frequently recommended web interface f...
    1 By cloudnine Messaging Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    How to make an IOS app as mqtt client.

    I have configured mqtt broker (mosquitto) on my ubuntu 14.04 server (which is my AWS EC2 instance). I have a simple IOS app on my phone. Can I make the app as my mqtt client and pub/sub the topics etc., If so, how do ...
    1 By kirankraleti Messaging
  • Question

    Email gets registered as spam

    Hi I finally have my own webserver and wanted to setup a mailserver. Everything seems to have gone fine, except that Gmail registers my email as spam. I have tried everything and I even have 10/10 on http://mail-teste...
    2 By jellef6287bdcd2 Email Messaging Configuration Management
  • Question

    How to configure my droplet to use Protonmail as its Mail/Email server

    I've setup a droplet for use as my personal file syncing solution (ownCloud) vs. relying on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. I'd like to get an email setup merely for the purposes of my box sending me updates on installed ...
    1 By mhaddy Email Messaging
  • Question

    Sending speed with Amazon SES is incredibly slow.

    Hello guys, I'm having a problem with one of my droplets. I have migrated my email marketing script from google cloud here in Digital Ocean and that is integrated with Amazon SES service. Through my Google cloud insta...
    4 By laidiferruni Email Messaging Server Optimization API
  • Question

    Postfix + Sendgrid + Serverpilot - How to configure domainname etc

    Hello, I'm having some troubles setting up Postfix on my Ubuntu 14.04 x64. I have connected the server with Serverpilot, so the LAMP/LEMP stack is installed automatically. Serverpilot also installs Postfix on the serv...
    3 By Zonax7100 Email Messaging LEMP LAMP Stack DNS Ubuntu
  • Question

    Unable to open port 993 on my Ubuntu server

    I needed to setup a mail server so I decided to read this tutorial and configure it. I have ...
    3 By king3lp Messaging MySQL Ubuntu