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    How standby node work?

    i want to ask when standby node work and how it mirror primary node? is it mirrioring in real-time? so the data itself will be exact same on real-time. and what if the datacenter is down? is the standby database will ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, In the event of a failure, Managed Databases will automatically switch data handling to a standby node to minimize downtime. The data between the nodes is being replicated using SQL replication. All database c...
    1 By yggitteam DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Restore MySQL Managed Database to today's transaction

    Hello, Managed database control panel says that: You can restore to any transaction, as far back as 7 days. This will not restore standbys or read-only nodes from this cluster. I am able to select today's date, but la...
    Accepted Answer: Hello there, Thanks for your patience! To restore your database, you can restore to any transaction, as far back as 7 days. The restore point can be from the lastest transaction or a specific point in time, A new dat...
    1 By dmitrijssadovsk DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Can a DB standby node have a different version than the primary?

    We have a our database managed by DigitalOcean and a few days ago whilst our DB was overloaded we got a peculiar error in our Rails project which after looking into it quite a bit the only thing that I believe could h...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, No, it's not possible and Standby nodes are exact copies of the primary node (including DB version) that automatically take over if the primary node fails. You might have to look into it further to find the...
    2 By keeyan DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Speed Up App Deployments

    I'm using the new Apps features with a Ruby on Rails 6 application. Deployments are taking 10-20 minutes (sometimes 30 minutes) when they were taking about 1-2 minutes on Heroku (it's a big application). Right now dur...
    4 By brodyhoskins Ruby on Rails Ruby DigitalOcean App Platform Needs Product Answer
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    How to download database backup

    I don't need to download current database I need a backup from a day or two ago. Also I certainly don't need to restore current database from a backup. So, is there a way I could download just the backup?
    1 By vladch DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Databases Needs Product Answer
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    Connecting to MySQL Cluster from PHP 5.6

    Hi, For #reasons I have a PHP5.6 codebase I wish to deploy on a DO Droplet, connecting to a MySQL Cluster. Obviously - PHP5.6 is bad and wrong and really we should upgrade to 7.3 or higher. However - we are caught on ...
    1 By michaeljervis DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database MySQL PHP Needs Product Answer
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    Postgres query stop after 10 minutes

    I have Managed Postgres instance, and a query that stops after 10 minutes. The query is REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW xyz. I kind looks like there is a limit for a query to run for 10 minutes. Can anyone tell what parti...
    0 By efficientcapital DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    When, if ever, will Spaces support individual access keys?

    I've migrated all of my cloud services over to Digital Ocean except for Amazon S3 storage. The only thing preventing me from using Digital Ocean Spaces is the fact that a single access key can access every single "Spa...
    1 By bfm DigitalOcean Spaces Needs Product Answer
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    Is it possible to migrate a kubernetes cluster (with the nodes inside) to a different account?

    Hello, I am aware that it is possible to transfer the ownership of a droplet to a different account (see link1 ( link2 (https://www.digitalocean...
    1 By Uqido DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes DigitalOcean Accounts Needs Product Answer
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    How to downscale a Managed Database

    I have a managed Postgres Database that I temporarily scaled up to the $60/month version, to account for an expected spike. Since the spike is over, I'd like to go back down to the $30/month node plan. However, these...
    3 By winsmith DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Error When connecting PostgreSQL database in Digital ocean from my local PC

    This is what I did to create a Database instance and access it Step 1 : I created my DB instance in digital ocean then I made my IP address as trusted source , got the credentials (host name , db name , user , passwo...
    1 By tharikr Databases PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Needs Product Answer
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    Max 7 volumes per node - Will it ever change?

    Hello, My company is using Digital Ocean for a magnitude of services, and Kubernetes is one of them. For us, the limitation of max 7 volumes per node is very limiting. Is it in the planning to increase this hard limi...
    1 By jehansstorvik Kubernetes Block Storage Needs Product Answer DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    Not able to add my domain to CORS conf

    My domain name is I'm able to add this domain to CORS record with a header. I also need to add the same domain with www subdomain, which is I simply am not able to subm...
    0 By alkp DigitalOcean Spaces Needs Product Answer
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    Managed Postgres is missing libprotobuf-c (support for vector tiles)

    Hello, I'm really excited about the managed postgres offering, especially with PostGIS enabled by default. Unfortunately, it was not compiled with support for protocol buffers (protobuf). I found out during runtime w...
    0 By gijsnijholt PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Managed database and backups

    Hi, We are a happy user of the DO Managed Database offering. Nevertheless, backup are still not 100% clear for me. I understand you make WAL backups every 5 mins or so and a full backup every 24 hours. So get that yo...
    1 By HappyBlueGreenKelp DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Backups Needs Product Answer
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    Why am I running out of database space?

    I have a MariaDB database which is about 1GB in size. But my Managed Database just dropped me an alert that my 25GB database instance just ran out of space and is now in read-only mode. There is no way to check what i...
    1 By shahz Storage Databases DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Why persistanvolumes with hostpath creates a volume in DO panel

    Be supposed to a local PersistanVolumes in kubernetes with hospath creates a volume in the same node of cluster, but nevertheless i see tath a volume in dashboard of digitalocean and this volumes generate a cost for...
    0 By miguelDolphin DigitalOcean Volumes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Needs Product Answer
  • Question

    Delete CNAME record when App is deleted

    Hi everyone. Currently, when an App specification contains a hostname managed by a DigitalOcean domain zone, a CNAME entry will be added pointing to the dynamically generated hostname. On removal of t...
    0 By renehr9102 API DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl) DigitalOcean App Platform Needs Product Answer
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    Peak connection review, Postgres managed database

    Hi. I have to managed database postgres with DigitalOcean. Have a primary node with 2 connection pools and available backend server connections 197 + one node read-only. Normally our cluster has an average of 60 conne...
    1 By oscarricardosan DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    How to create a new registry, "subscription tier slug" issue

    As following tutorials i would like to create registry in digital ocean. I do: ➜ do-kube-cluster-fra1 doctl registry login -t "XXXXXXXXXX" --output json Logging Docker in to {"errors":[{"de...
    1 By maathor42 Container DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) Needs Product Answer