Next.js is one-of-a-kind framework built on top of React. It lets you build React apps quickly because it comes with features like Image Optimization, Zero Config, Incremental Static Generation, File-system Routing, Code-splitting and Bundling and more.

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  • Tech talk

    Build a Fullstack App With Strapi and Next.js

    Build an API and frontend in less than an hour using Strapi as your backend and Next.js as your frontend.
    By Chris Sev Next.js Strapi Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    How To Deploy a Next.js App to App Platform

    In this tutorial, you will deploy a Next.js application to DigitalOcean's App Platform using a Static Export and a Custom Server.
    By Chris Sev DigitalOcean App Platform Node.js JavaScript Development Deployment Next.js
  • Tech talk

    Getting Started With Next.js

    Learn why so many React developers are switching to using Next.js, an open source framework that helps you build production-grade React applications that scale.
    By Chris Sev Tech Talks JavaScript React Next.js
  • Tech talk

    All the Ways to Generate a Next.js Site

    See Next.js' many great features that make creating a website, blog, or application seamless and fast.
    By Chris Sev Next.js React JavaScript Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    How To Render CSS on React App Servers

    In this article, we will go over the challenges of rendering CSS on the server and then demonstrate how we can overcome these challenges using styled-components and styled-jsx on a Next.js project.
    By Chris Nwamba JavaScript Next.js React
  • Question

    Host blog as a subdirectory

    Hello, I have a static NextJS blog that I would like to host on the subdirectory of my main site. Like this: I've tried uploading the files and creating a location block like this: ``` location /blog...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, With Next.js, you need to start your node service on a specific port like <^>3000<^> for example with npm run. And then you could use Nginx as a reverse proxy to that port with the following configuration: ...
    2 By evalo01 Nginx Next.js
  • Question

    How to access index.js on NextJS/Strapi

    Hi, I am new to digital ocean/strapi and NextJS! I have created a strapi droplet and created a nextjs app. I can access strapi fine straight from the ip address, but cannot see how to access the nextjs app index.js....
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Thanks for the response. The answer turns our to be straight forward. When the Strapi droplet is created, port 3000 (used for NextJS) is blocked. So all that is needed is to open the port using 'ufw allow 3000'...
    2 By netsidedeveloper Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    App connected to GitLab doesn't pull latest commit on deployment

    I have a DO App that is deploying a static site connected to GitLab. If I manually trigger a deployment it doesn't pull the latest commit. It appears to be pulling the commit that was used for the initial deployment w...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, this should be resolved now.
    4 By phegman DigitalOcean App Platform Next.js
  • Question

    Are you going to record it?

    Hello! I'd like to attend but I can't due to my job. Are you going to record it and publish it later to see it deferred? Thanks!
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @javierlatorrep, Yes, there will be a recording of the talk, and you will be able to find the video on the same page. I hope that this helps! Regards, Bobby
    2 By javierlatorrep Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    How to deploy next js and django in same droplet

    Hi. I have created a website. I have django rest framework for backend. Django has nothing to do with the frontend. It only provides API.I use nextJS for frontend. Now, I need to deploy this. I need the django and nex...
    1 By vashokkumar600 Django Next.js React Node.js
  • Question

    Next js app deployed from GitHub, how to conne t to mongodb

    I deployed nextjs app from github. Locally next config had my connection string and cert. When deployec in DO, i gave the same connection string as env var, but cert isnt in the same place, or anywhere for that matt...
    1 By mcSpotts Node.js Next.js MongoDB
  • Question

    Manually deploy specific component in App Platform

    Hello, I successfully deployed a Stapi app backend and a Next,js front end using App Platform. I am using doctl to manually force a deploy after a change is made in Strapi to regenerate Next.js. On the App Platform da...
    1 By dibarra DigitalOcean App Platform Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    App Platform Website Not Updating with Deploy

    Hi everyone! I have a website that I built in Next JS and I'm hosting it on the App Platform with Strapi for the CMS. When I make updates to the content in Strapi, I can see the changes take affect on my local instan...
    1 By jongauthier DigitalOcean App Platform Next.js Strapi Deployment
  • Question

    Redirect non-www to www using App Platform

    I need to redirect the non-www to www domain using the App platform of digital ocean. I had to migrate because of this reason of static Ip’s. I really liked your platform and want to stick with it for now. Using the N...
    1 By tarunnarang1992 Next.js JavaScript Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Uploading images to Spaces via aws-sdk (s3) uploads a blank image file in Next.js application

    I want the users of my Next.js application to be able to upload their own photos. I am currently testing the ability to upload an image to Spaces via Postman. I followed these instructions (
    1 By jjustinjaeger Next.js DigitalOcean Spaces Node.js JavaScript
  • Question

    How to set build cache

    I am running a next.js application on the DO app platform and I receive this error in the console during build: No build cache found. Please configure build caching for faster rebuilds. Read more:
    1 By midwaydevservices Next.js Caching Building on DigitalOcean DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    NextJS Web Service Images Don't Load

    I am currently attempting to use the built-in NextJS image optimization while hosting on the DO App Platform. Everything seems to be working, but when I try to load pages, the images either load slowly, or don't load ...
    2 By forrestblackburnkeller Next.js React DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Install package from private GitHub repository with yarn - App Platform static site build fails - permission denied

    Hi, my site has a dependency which is a private GitHub repository like this: In package.json: ... "dependencies": { "library": "myusername/library", ... }, ... I've authorized Digital Ocean to access all my repo...
    1 By dwf DigitalOcean App Platform Next.js Deployment Git
  • Question

    Nextjs + express server + postgress database

    I'm searching for a valid tutorial to deploy a nextjs as a frontend and express server as a backend woth posgtgres database. All in one place --> Here ! As i'm pretty new to node i would appreciate some guidance. Th...
    0 By stalkerglac Node.js Deployment Development JavaScript DigitalOcean App Platform Next.js
  • Question

    Will there be other times offered?

    I can not attend at the 11:00 time. Will it be offered at a later time? Thanks, Brian
    2 By brianfc4ce32db9 Strapi Next.js