Node.js is a fast, lightweight platform (built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime) used to quickly and easily create scalable network applications.

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    Ghost Digital Ocean Storage Adapter

    A Digital Ocean storage adapter for Ghost 1.x. Upload your Ghost Blog assets to Digital Ocean Spaces
    By shivamdhruva Ghost Storage Node.js CMS Security
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    An Interactive command-line tool for DigitalOcean.
    By satyarohith Node.js Open Source DigitalOcean Development
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    A lightweight private npm proxy registry
    By jotadeveloper Node.js JavaScript Open Source
  • Tool

    NPM Plugin to upload assets to DO Spaces

    NPM Module to Upload Files & Auto Upload Assets for Express Applications to Digital Ocean Spaces
    By prchaudhari DigitalOcean API Open Source Node.js
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    DYNDNS is a smal Node CLI (command line) app that updates DNS records on you Digital Ocean account.
    By runeo DNS Node.js DigitalOcean Open Source IPv6
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    doclt is a command line tool for interacting with Digital Ocean written in node.js
    By omgimanerd Configuration Management Control Panels API Open Source Node.js
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    Node client for the v2 DigitalOcean API.
    API Node.js
  • Tool

    Block Storage API Client

    A simple way to connect to Digital Ocean's Volumes API
    By MiguhRuiz16 API DigitalOcean Node.js