Perl is a family of programming languages, popular for their extreme versatility and their use as a glue language between software components.

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    • Question

      CGI deleted files still loading on my empty vhost

      Hi all, I have a cms installation that requires the cgi-bin directory and the .cgi files, I remove all the cms installation from my vhost but some cgi files are still available when you access via web browser. Here is...
      No answers yet2 years agoBy danielmariluzApacheCachingCMSPerl
    • Question

      I can't install some PERL Modules using CPAN in my droplet

      Hi everyone, I need install some perl modules using cpan on my droplet i get this output on the terminal install Image::Magick Reading '/root/.cpan/Metadata' Database was generated on Tue, 04 Feb 2020 21:41:03 GMT Run...
      Accepted Answer: Solved doing this: curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus then sudo cpanm Name::Module Thanks everybody!
      1 answer2 years agoBy danielmariluzPerl
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up a Help Desk System with OTRS on Ubuntu 18.04

      OTRS, also known as the Open source Ticket Request System, is a help desk and IT service management system. In this tutorial, you will install OTRS Community Edition on an Ubuntu 18.04 server and set up a simple help ...
      3 years agoBy Vadym KalsinEmailApacheMySQLPerlUbuntu 18.04Open Source
    • Question

      I can not execute my CGI files in my virtual host

      Hi everyone! I can not execute my CGI files in my virtual host, this is the configuration of my file:/etc/apache2/conf-available/serve-cgi-bin.conf <IfModule mod_alias.c> <IfModule mod_cgi.c> Define ENABLE_USR_LIB_CGI...
      3 answers3 years agoBy danielmariluzApachePerlArch Linux
    • Question

      Perl Files download or show content on a browser instead of execute

      hey guys im using a CMS with its based on Perl, so there are some CGI files to star the installation in my server but those file don’t execute in web browser, in some cases show the content to those scripts or just th...
      1 answer4 years agoBy danielmariluzApachePerlArch Linux
    • Tutorial

      How to Install Perlbrew and Manage Multiple Versions of Perl 5 on CentOS 7

      Perl 5 is a mature, full-featured programming language. It’s used in production projects of all types, including mission critical business systems all over the world. The Perlbrew software package lets you install, re...
      5 years agoBy Russ BrewerPerlApplicationsCentOS
    • Question

      when I Run in cd /var/www/html/bugzilla I get Segmentation fault (core dumped) not sure why? Segmentation fault (core dumped)when I Run in cd /var/www/html/bugzilla I get Segmentation fault (core dumped) not sure why? I’m trying to set up bugzilla after ubuntu 16.04 upgrade. page w...
      1 answer5 years agoBy oliv0231PerlApacheApplicationsMySQLUbuntu 16.04
    • Question

      Ubuntu 14.04/Serverpilot running CGI Scripts

      Got an odd Serverpilot query. My client wants FTP access to a subfolder on the site - loathe to let them have full access so created a user with access to /home/FTPUSER and symlink to this from my /srv/users/serverpil...
      Accepted Answer: You might need to have that custom user’s home directory somewhere under /srv/users due to that being the suexec root in ServerPilot’s Apache build. That is, maybe Apache is refusing to execute these scripts for secur...
      2 answers6 years agoBy cole007PerlApacheNginxUbuntu
    • Question

      CPAN Perl modules installer not finding tar file

      droplet with 512MB RAM running UbuntuIt seems I have a configuration problem when installing Perl modules through CPAN and I don’t know how to correct it: ~$ cpanTerminal does not support AddHistory. cpan shell – CPAN...
      2 answers6 years agoBy 333819PerlUbuntu
    • Other

      Dynamic DNS Update Script

      Digital Ocean dynamic DNS update script with Perl and LWP.
      6 years agoBy Chris HandwerkerDNSPerlAPI
    • Question

      UBUNTU 14.4 apache2 2.4 attempting to call a perl script from javascript on client yields the text of the file rather than executing it.

      I can not find a configuration error. Help. UBUNTU 14.4 apache2 2.4 attempting to call a perl script from gavascript on client yields the text of the file rather than executing it. I can not find a configuration error...
      1 answer6 years agoBy warrenmurphyApachePerlLAMP Stack
    • Question

      Can't get perl scripts to execute is my current project, I have made it to step 4 of the installation process, where it wants me to access from my browser. it is supposed to execute, however all that seems...
      3 answers7 years agoBy asdfyosupPerlLAMP StackDebian
    • Question

      How would I setup a CGI-BIN on a DO?

      Hello How would I setup a CGI-BIN on a DO Droplet under /apps/SITE.COM/public/cgi-bin? Currently I’m using , but can’t seem to find any articles about this. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 also. Is there a simpl...
      1 answer7 years agoBy moddedPerlDigitalOceanUbuntu
    • Question

      How do i setup my goautodial 2.1 to the droplet?

      How do i setup my goautodial 2.1 to the droplet?
      1 answer7 years agoBy marveelouPHPPerlMySQLLinux BasicsCentOS
    • Question

      403 Forbidden Error You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/index.cgi on this server.

      Hi,I have problem when I try to access my site,I get 403 forbidden error on my page. ""Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /cgi-bin/index.cgi on this server. Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at Port ...
      1 answer7 years agoBy lajusangatnetPHPMySQLDigitalOceanLAMP StackPerlApacheMariaDBCentOS
    • Question

      I got scammed?! The VPS root,pass,hostname doesn't work on putty....

      so basically I just bought the VPS from the digitalocean, and they send me the root, ip , password when I enter it at putty, whenever I put the password it says “Access denied” they’re giving my wrong passwords.
      2 answers7 years agoBy MadyewotMySQLPerlCentOS
    • Question

      How to Install Perl LWP module on CentOS 7 ?

      Hi,I want to install Perl LWP module on my CentOS 7 server , I tried to to run this command : sudo yum install -y perl-libwwwBut got “No package perl-libwww available.”Please help me. Also I want to install these :DBI...
      1 answer7 years agoBy bettersoonPerlLinux CommandsMySQLCentOS
    • Question

      How fix error glibc library not locate CentOS 7

      while installing cpanel, this error appears 2015-07-27 22:53:40 781 (ERROR): Your operating system’s RPM update method (yum) could not locate the glibc package. This is an indication of an improper setup. You must cor...
      1 answer7 years agoBy pabloc5c1842556PerlLinux CommandsCentOS
    • Question

      Create Subdomain (on the fly) by using PHP

      Hii try to find way for user to register in my web. they just need to fill in their name,phone,email address and subdomain that need to create.this information will store in database and PHP will execute the command t...
      1 answer7 years agoBy agus.halimDNSDigitalOceanAPIPHPPerlLinux Commands
    • Api Wrapper


      An API wrapper for the DigitalOcean RESTful API v2 in the Perl programing language.
      7 years agoBy André WalkerAPIPerl